Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hello Fall and Goodbye For Now

Fall, it hardly seems possible that it is just around the corner.  Where did the summer go?!  Before we know it, Halloween will be here, then Thanksgiving and then .... dare I say it? .... Christmas!  But ready or not, the holiday season is bearing down and so I say welcome to the crisp, beautiful days of fall and the busy season that is soon to be upon is.

And while I say hello to fall, I am having, for a while, to say goodbye to my online life.  We were supposed to be away on holidays right now, but I ended up in hospital at the beginning of this month with meningitis and am now home and recovering.  The computer is not my friend at this moment in time, my poor brain can't deal with the stimulation right now, so I have shut everything down and will be away until I have full recovered.  Can't say when that will be but I hope to be back with you all soon.

I am closing down comments on the blog and have an auto reply on my email, so while I thank you all for your good thoughts and well wishes, I hope you will understand that I am unable right now to respond.  I have also closed my Facebook account permanently so will no longer be there; their recent changes to their privacey policies were the last straw for me so I've left that platform forever.

Hope to see you all again soon and as always, happy creating!


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