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Monday, October 14, 2013

Best Laid Plans and A Thank You

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoying your long weekend.  It is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada and I do believe that it is Columbus Day in the U.S.   We enjoyed TWO turkey dinners this weekend, one of which we cooked, so by the time the left overs are finished I do believe that I will be gobbling!  But I love turkey so it's not a hardship, can't wait to get to the turkey soup, yum!

In one of my previous posts, I mentioned that the Old Farmhouse Gathering team's 'Winter's Coming' celebration was going to be starting soon and that I was under the gun to come up with four new winter related items to list in my Etsy shop for it.  I have already made a snowman door hanger (it's too cute, I'll show you pictures as soon as the celebration starts on October 28th) and as soon as it was done I got to work on another snowman.  The pattern, by 'You Are Special Patterns' created by the very talented Sandy Schmidt, is called 'Winter Magic' and is of a snowman with a Christmas tree and a pillow tuck.  It's too cute so I got right to work and here is the finished shelf sitter.

Isn't it adorable?!  I love, love, love it but have come to the realization that there is no way on God's green earth that I will be able to ship it safely if I try and list it for sale.

The embellishments I added to the tree won't survive a journey in the 'caring' hands of the post office and each piece (snowman, tree and pillow) must be placed 'just so' in order for it to stand properly.

So I have come to the sad glad! decision that this wonderful snowman will have to live here.  The best laid plans as they say, my number two item for the OFG celebration won't make it to my Etsy shop but that's OK, I will have a wonderful remembrance of Sandy to stay here in my home.

For those of you who are unaware, Sandy sadly lost her battle with cancer in September.  She will be so missed, she was a wonderful and caring lady and an amazing pattern designer.  I'm lucky enough to have some of her patterns from both You Are Special Patterns and The Olde Country Cupboard and am so grateful to her for sharing her great talent with us all.

So I will now have to get to work on some other patterns for our OFG celebration, I have LOTS to choose from as I must admit that I am a bit of a pattern hoarder.  But how do you resist buying them, there are so many talented folks out there with such great ideas.  I've more patterns by Sandy, so think I may choose another of hers as they are wonderful.  It's sad to lose someone so talented but also wonderful that we still have a part of her amazing imagination that we can continue to create and share with the world.  Rest in peace dear Sandy, we will miss you and thank you for your wonderful creations.



  1. What a nice tribute for a talented friend.
    Your snowman is adorable and I don't blame you for keeping him!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Prim Blessings

  2. So glad for you that Sandys fine pattern lives on in your wonderful snowman. Love the tree too!

  3. So fabulous!! I can see why he needs to live with you!
    Enjoy Deb!

  4. As much as I hesitate to fall into the Christmas spirit, your cheerful snowman is tugging at me.

    Very cute additions to your place.


  5. What a sweet snowman...I love his face and nose. I have a few of Sandy's creations and was fortunate enough to know her. It sure has been sad to lose someone so dear. Sweet hugs!

  6. I LOVE that snowman. Can you just make the snowman?


  7. I think it is a sign that the snowman would be to risky to ship.

    When my mom passed I used the saying "she was so good that God could only let us have her for a little while". That reigns so true for so many special people. Rest in Peace Sandy.


  8. Nice project-- looks like you did a great job as always. Love the little pillow!

  9. Sometimes our dollie friends are better able to decide where they should You did a wonderful job with it all and little did you know that you were actually making something for yourself. ;o)) Sorry for the loss of your friend, that's always so hard. Romona


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