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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Christmas Stocking Trio

Whew, it was nip and tuck but I got my last item for our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's 'Winter's Coming Celebration' completed in time.

I was under the gun time to get my fourth item finished and didn't have time to make another shelf sitter or door hanger when I ran across a pattern I had from Palette Primitives. Sue's pattern was for some toile ornaments so I adapted it slightly and only used her stocking pattern to make this Christmas Stocking Trio.  They are the perfect size to tuck a gift card or a lovely piece of jewelry inside to hang on the tree.  You could also use them for package ties, knob hangers, mantel decorations or just use them as ornaments for your tree - they are very versatile little stockings!  Think I am going to have to make some more for myself as I have some Christmas gifts for family this year that will fit perfectly inside ;O)

So those are my contributions to the Old Farmhouse Gathering team's 'Winter's Coming Celebration' that will be starting on Etsy on Monday, October 28th.  The other member's of our team have been working hard as well and here is a slide show of some of the items that our team leader Lucy of The Farmer's Attic put together.  Enjoy the slideshow and starting Monday, type in WCCOFG in the search bar on Etsy to get a start on your Christmas shopping!



  1. Stockings are too cute but I like the snowman the best.


  2. Very lovely, you must be one creative bunny right now...hurry Christmas is coming. Sigh.


  3. What cute stockings Deb. Looking forward to the Winter's Coming Celebration to begin :)

  4. Wow - you have been busy - love teh slide show!
    It is cool and dark here, and we just came off a whole week of fog - no sky, no sun, just fog from the lake - it's early this year as we don't usually get the fog until well into November.
    I hope your Etsy Sale Celebration is a huge success!


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