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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Winter Magic Snowman Revisited

Here is take number two of You Are Special Patterns "Winter Magic" snowman that I completed yesterday.  The first time I made the pattern I included the Christmas tree, which I decided was too fragile to be able to ship if I sold him.  You can see a picture of take number one in my post of a few days ago, click here if you'd like to go see him.  Since I wasn't including the tree in this incarnation, I added a chenille stem candy cane and a pip berry wreath so his arms didn't look so empty!  I also changed up some of the embellishments and the sayings on the hang tag and the pillow tuck since it drives me nuts to make something exactly the same twice in a row.  It's one of the reasons I don't do wholesale, I'd be bored to tears sewing dozens of the same item over and over.  I admire folks who have the fortitude to do it, I most definitely don't!

This Winter Magic snowman shelf sitter will be listing number two of four that will be in my Etsy shop on October 28th for our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's "Winter's Coming Celebration".

Creation number three is almost done, it is a design by Tennessee Ridge Primitives, and number four is in the early stages of completion.  I have to get my rear in gear to get it done since photographs of all our items have to uploaded to our Yahoo group by Friday, yikes!  Time to get sewing, I'll be back tomorrow to show you photo's of the next item and hopefully also photos of number four.  Wish me luck and happy creating!



  1. Your snowfolk are turning out great! Love Sandy's patterns - she was so very talented. Sorry to hear you were sick - glad you are back to crafting! ~*~Lisa

  2. Love the snowman! He is super cute. The little Christmas tree is very pretty too!

    Linda @ Mixed Kreations

  3. Yeah, he looks marvelous. You did wonderful.



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