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Monday, November 4, 2013

It's Too Soon!

Believe it or not, this is a picture of my back yard that I took YESTERDAY!  It has been snowing steadily for two days, we got a beautiful sunshine break today but they are calling for more snow overnight and all day tomorrow.

This is WAY too early for this amount of snow, we sometimes get a few flakes in November and early December but our snow that comes and stays doesn't usually start falling until mid December.  This is the first year that we can remember this amount of snow this early and it is showing no signs of melting anytime soon.  The forecast from The Weather Network is for snow most every day this coming week:

So when you get lemons, make lemonade right?  Here's a little snapshot that I captured that pictures a branch that is just outside my window as I sit here at the computer.  So delicate, you can almost see each individual snowflake it seems.

Time to break out the bird seed for our winter residents, they must be as confused as we are at all of the white stuff covering the ground already!

So as the snow has been falling outside, I've been keeping busy sewing inside.  I made this St. Nick door greeter:

and some Frosty's Hat and Mittens bowl fillers.

In retrospect, maybe I only have myself to blame for our snow, see what I wrote on the bowl fillers hang tag?!  'Let It Snow' indeed!  Both items are from patterns by Tennessee Ridge Primitives and are listed at my Prim Nest shop if you are interested.

Well I must sign off now and get supper cooking, here it is just short of 5:30 p.m. and it is already black, black, black outside.  I hate the time change in the fall!!  Hope your weather is less snowy than mine and that you are creating away.  Talk again soon,



  1. You can send me as much of that as you want. We so seldom get any of that on this end of the island. Every year I faithfully whine and carry on about it, and it never does me any good.... So if you get to much, just redirect it to me...

  2. The snow is so pretty but yes too soon. We just missed that storm.
    enjoy your day!

  3. Good Morning, Deb,
    Yes, I guess that's one good thing about snow...puts us in the mood to make santas and snowmen! Just love your little mittens!!

    Have a terrific Tuesday. ~Natalie

  4. OOOh..YUCK! A saw a few flakes the other day, but it's going to be in the 50s today. Love your Santa! Happy creating!

  5. We've had a lot of rain and very heavy frost that's ice in some places. I don't think it's going to be a nice winter here either. I love the Santa and the bowl fillers. Very cute:)

  6. Its beeeeeeeaaaaaaautiful. I'm jealous.

    Happy crafting


  7. Today is Tuesday, I'm late with my blog catch up, and we just got snow last night. Nowhere near as much as you, it's almost gone...

    But yesterday we noticed the mountains were all dusted with white, and I was shocked...I know, you would think that this being my 3rd winter coming up I would be used to it so early..but still.


  8. Glad it's you and not me, I am not ready to lock it in for the winter yet! Looks beautiful though!


  9. Hi Deb, Burrr I am cold looking at your photo's. Do I ever love your santa and those bowl fillers are adorable! hugs, Lecia

  10. Looks beautiful but I am still trying to get acclimated to the colder temps and that is just too cold for me just yet.

  11. I love the beautiful things you make. I was doing a little search for Christmas items on Etsy and saw your top hat and fell in love with it! Enjoy your week! Stay warm!

  12. I love the look of snow when it first falls and 'glazes' the trees. So beautiful. Love your Santa door hanger- he's adorable!


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