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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Bowl Full Of Christmas

Happy December everyone!  I am finding it difficult to believe that it is indeed December once again, but the calendar says that it is true.  I can hear the jingle bells ringing, can you?  Only 24 sleeps until the big day, let the panic begin!

As it is the first of the month, I made two new items to list in my Prim Nest shop and with visions of sugar plums dancing through my head they both have a Christmas theme.  First, I made some Christmas tree bowl fillers with some sparkly swirled ornaments and rusty jingle bells.

The sparkle is hard to see in the picture, but I sprinkled some 'Glamor Dust' onto the ornaments while the paint was still wet so they have a lovely subtle twinkle.

And next, I made a Choir Of Angels to fill the house with carols throughout the holiday season.

I first made these little angels as a gift for my Mom & Dad last year but had never made them to sell.  And I also never took a picture of them last year so I think this is what Mom & Dad's look like, but I'm not real sure LOL!  I used vintage Christmas sheet music for their wings and they have needle sculpted noses, embroidered eyes and gold cord halos plus sprinkles of mica flakes for a little sparkle.  Both the Christmas trees and the choir of angels are available in my Prim Nest shop if you are interested.

We are about to head into the deep freeze again here, they are forecasting temperatures down near -20 C (4 F) starting tomorrow and I am hoping that they are going to be wrong!  We've already had one bought of cold weather and that was more than enough, thanks all the same.  Hopefully the Arctic outbreak will be short lived and we'll get back to more normal temperatures for this time of year soon.  Until then, it will be time to hunker down, turn on the Christmas carols and stoke the wood fire!  Hope it is lovely and warm in your neck of the woods, have a wonderful week and happy creating!



  1. such adorable bowl fillers Deb. You are so multi-talented.

    Stay warm. It's supposed to warm up a little bit here.


  2. Brrrr...stay warm! Love your bowl fillers, the angels are darling!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.


  3. Cute! Cute! And I'm with you not believing it's December! At least bitter temps are a good excuse to stay in and craft.

  4. Wow Deb I love your choir of angels! Hope that cold snap passes soon for ya! ~*~Lisa

  5. Deb those are all adorable...I love the idea of using the vintage sheet music.

    This being only our 3rd winter I have little to base the temperatures I sit and look at my photos and compare the snow fall to last year. While my fingers freeze...the cat snores lightly in his basket..who are we kidding, he snores loudly.

    Stay warm, stay creative.


  6. Your bowl fillers are adorable! I love how you made the angel wings out of sheet music. So cute!

    It's not as cold here, but we did have a good winter freeze here in Texas. Couple inches of sleet and ice. Down to 16 degrees tomorrow. Not suppose to get above freezing till Sunday. Lot of power outage.
    Good weather for creating, can't do anything else, to cold.

    Stay warm and happy creating!

    Linda @MixedKreations


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