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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In The Deep Freeze And A Package To Warm My Heart

I know that the calendar says that it is still officially fall but let me tell you that Winter has arrived here in B.C.  We got about 9 inches of snow during the night of December 1st and I woke up to this winter wonderland on Monday morning.  Most of the snow that had fallen earlier in November had melted away so it was a shock to wake up to this much white stuff!  And while I do love the snow, the cold is another matter entirely and baby, it's cold outside!  The thermometer reached a balmy high of -10 C (14 F) today and it is dropping down to near -20 C (-4 F) at night with no break in sight for the next week or so.  They are actually forecasting that it is going to be getting colder, oh joy!  The only up side to the cold temperatures are the beautiful blue skies that usually accompany them.  It was fogged in earlier today but now the sun is peeking out between the clouds and the trees and while it doesn't do much to warm things up, it is lovely to see.

What did warm my heart today was the wonderful package that I received from my Mixed Media Studio swap partner, Helen.  You can find her on her blog here.  Helen is an amazingly talented artist and the package she sent me was stuffed full of treasures.  First, here is her 'Too Sweet' ATC that she sent me for our swap:

Love the teacup and the cupcake!  Along with the ATC, she enclosed this beautiful handpainted card:

and this cute Santa charm, perfect for the season!

There is another equally cute vintage Santa image on the other side too :O)

But wait, there's more!  She sent me this whimsical tag she created using a digi stamp by Sherry Badley:

I love how all the wonderful fibers she added echo the wild hairdo of this cute little digi stamp!  And finally, last but certainly not least, she sent me this amazing portrait that she created, it is absolutely stunning!

The picture does not even begin to do this beautiful piece of art justice, the subtlety of the coloration and detail is so beautiful.  Thank you very much Helen for your amazing generosity and for sharing your wonderful artwork with me, I will treasure them all!

Hope that you all are having a lovely week, stay warm and happy creating,



  1. Oh my gosh does that snow make me cold! Burrrr....however, your goodies warm my heart too. How wonderful!

  2. Brrrr! Deb, stay warm. I would love some of that snow if you want to share it.

    Love the goodies. What a great way to warm up on a cold day!


  3. It has been getting cold here in Maine too. Way too early for these temps and snow. I love all the goodies you got. Hang in there, warm days are only about 6 months away.

  4. Wow, the snow wouldn't be bad but the cold...brrrrr. Stay warm.

    What beautiful goodies Helen sent you. Love the handpainted card.


  5. There is nothing like a package in the mail to warm your heart. Brrrr...cold, and it's getting colder by the


  6. I don't mind the white stuff when it's sunny but I do hate the cold too.

    Wow you did receive some lovely stuff in your swap...lucky you:)

  7. How beautiful...everything she makes! Packages like these are so much fun! Stay warm my friend! Bundle up!

  8. Beautiful artwork! Lucky you!

  9. Hi Deb, I am cold just thinking of the snow and temp. you are having.
    What lovely, lovely swap goodies, you were spoiled rotten. hugs, Lecia

  10. Beautiful treasures Deb - no wonder they warmed your heart! What fabulous artwork....
    We are getting lots of the white stuff in town as well - most definitely winter now!


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