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Friday, December 27, 2013

Savour Each Moment

Image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy

Hello everyone, hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas with family and friends.  I was able to spend Christmas with my Mom and Dad, my brother, his wonderful wife and my amazing nieces.  It was a blessing to all be together this year; it has been much too long since I've been able to spend the holidays with them and it was a joyous time.  The only thing missing was my wonderful DH who had to work on Christmas Day and so could not join us but he and I and the pups celebrated our own Christmas yesterday when we both returned home.  Right now, I am savouring each and every moment that I am able to spend with my family as my Mom's health is still precarious and we are awaiting a definitive diagnosis.  I know many of you have been through this with your own families and all I will say to those of you who have not is to live in the moment, create wonderful memories and acknowledge how blessed you are to have your loved ones close.  Hug them all and tell them how loved they are, you can never do it too often :O)

This year for Christmas, I made a paper bag photo album for my Mom.  It was inspired by a challenge in my Mixed Media Studio group and Mom and I are going to work together on it as she decides which family photographs that she would like to include.  I didn't want to add too many embellishments at this point as I didn't know which photographs she will want to include but here's a picture of the cover:

and here's the inside of the front cover and first page:

These photo albums are so much fun to make and the possibilities for embellishments are practically endless.  If you do a search on YouTube for paper bag photo albums, hundreds of videos pop up and they are all amazing.  As I've said before, the ingenuity of folks amazes me!  If you've never made one, give it a go; I don't have many of the fancy gadgets that the real paper artists have but a simple paper cutter or a ruler and scissors, some glue and a printer are all you really need.  Can't wait to see what Mom wants to include in her album and I know I will learn so much more about my family as we build it together and I will savour each and every moment of it.

And so in that spirit, of living in the moment and savouring each experience, here is a photo I took yesterday evening as the winter sun was setting.  The world became a pink confection and the sky was dyed with yellows and oranges and beautiful robin's egg blues.  Enjoy the photo and enjoy your evening, happy creating my friends!



  1. Great photo! Those albums are pretty fun although rather time consuming-- I don't have all the fancy gadgets either. I bet your mom loves it!

  2. So glad that you and your family were able to be together for Christmas.I am sure you missed your DH but it sounds like you had a great day.Sorry to hear your mom is not well,will be praying for her.You are so right about living in the moment and making those awesome memories.I really like the album you made for your mom! Happy 2014 to you and yours!Blessings,Jen

  3. Hey ladybug. Nice to hear from you again. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas and your Mom is holding her own.
    Hope she continues to improve.

    Love your sunset pic.



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