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Friday, January 31, 2014

Heart Pin Finish

Happy Friday everyone and happy last day of January .... what??!!  How in the heck did that happen, weren't we all just toasting the New Year a few days ago?  It's terrifying to me how quickly time starts slipping by the older I get; I guess Albert was right when he said time was relative!

I wanted to show you my heart pin that I finished for one of our Mixed Media Studio swaps; the swap is called 'Here Is My Heart' and we were to make a heart pin or pendant for Valentine's Day.  I got mine into the mail today to my swap partner Kathie, who is one of the leaders of our wonderful group and I hope that she will like it :O)

I do honestly try to get away from my primitive roots but somehow it keeps sneaking back in no matter what I do!  Stained muslin and tiny little rusty jingle bells just seemed like the perfect embellishments though, so there they are.  I also added a tiny little cherub charm, a key tied with some old lace and a very pretty ribbon rose set inside a brass charm.  I do love how it turned out, and as the stipulation for our swaps is to make something that you would want to receive yourself, I think it definitely fits the bill.

As I was looking for something to put the pin on so I could take the picture, I came upon an embroidery hoop all set up with the pattern traced and even a few stitches started that I had completely forgotten about!

I do believe this is a Twigs n Sprigs design but will have to find the pattern to verify that (if I can find it that is!).  And now that I've 'found' the embroidery again, I can't very well stash it away so I'll choose some floss colours and stick it by my chair so I can stitch away as I watch TV in the evenings.  Our Old Farmhouse Gathering team is going to be having a Spring Celebration on Etsy starting on February 24th, and I'm going to need some new items for my shop for it, so maybe this will become a pillow or some such creation for the celebration.  That is if I can get it stitched up in time, it's only been languishing for who knows how many years now!

Do you have half finished, semi-started, never completed projects lurking about your craft room?  I have a whole corner of my work table that is filled with them, I'm ashamed to say.  And it's funny, after a while you don't even really see them; you know they are there but they don't really register on your psyche anymore.  I'm not one for making resolutions, as I am the worlds biggest procrastinator and they NEVER get followed through to completion, but I do think it is time that I waded through that pile on my work table and got some of those poor projects completed.  Just think of all the work space I can free up :O)  So stay tuned as I dust them off and bring them into the light; wonder what I'll find?!

Hope you all have a great weekend and that you stay warm and safe.  The cold temperatures have descended on us here in B.C. and the only good thing I can say about that is that we are enjoying beautiful blue skies and the stars at night are truly phenomenal!  Off to stoke up the fireplace, happy creating everyone!



  1. Hi Deb, I know what you mean about your primitive roots. I'm cottage style at heart but most of what I do comes out with a touch of prim.

    So many unfinished projects on my table and not enough time! Story of my artistic life.


  2. Your heart is perfect Deb - I know your swap partner will cherish it. Love the primitive touches - nice contrast. Oh of my hopes this spring is to finish up some already started projects. Have a great weekend ~*~Lisa

  3. Yes I have a few of those unfinished projects hanging around. someday....sigh.

    I love your heart

  4. UFOs? No! (This is not at all noble, it's just having very little storage space I have to finish things!:))

  5. Yes, I have several unfinished projects. I keep meaning to get to them but always procrastinate and work on something else. :/
    Beautiful heart pin!

  6. Hi Deb. We are so alike! I have the same table/corner full of things that need to be finished:) Funny, when I first started sewing I would finish up each project. As I became more "seasoned":) more & more ideas came to mind that I "had" to do.
    Well, you know how that goes.:)
    You are not alone!
    I just LoVe the heart you made. It captured my Primitive heart:)

  7. Love your heart...just fabulous!
    Unfinished projects-YOU??? Never!
    Enjoy your day,

  8. Love the heart pin,it is gorgeous.Yes,there are lots of unfinished projects in my craft room.Blessings,Jen


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