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Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other

Evening everyone, hope you are having a good weekend.  It was so warm here today, +8 C (around 65 F) and windy as all get out.  The snow is disappearing right before our eyes and the driveway is getting muddy, oh joy!  Such strange weather for this time of year; we are usually in the deep freeze in January but our only cold snap occurred in November and early December and it's been pretty balmy ever since.  But there is still lots of winter to come yet, so who knows what Mother Nature has in store for us!

I had promised you some pictures of other projects I've been working on in my last post and so here they are.  As my blog title states, they are nothing alike ... one extreme primitive and the other bordering on shabby chic.  I'm feeling pulled in two directions lately and can't decide which route to follow, so for the time being I'm traveling both paths.  I know sooner or later I'll reach a fork in the road and have to make a decision but for now I'm just enjoying the journey!

First of all, here's a snowman shelf sitter to give to your sweetie for Valentine's Day :O)

I'm calling him my 'Melt Your Heart Snowman' and although he came out of his coffee bath a little more extreme primitive than I was expecting I think he's pretty darn cute!  I reopened by Prim Nest shop and have him listed there if you want to check him out.

I hand embroidered his nose and mouth and gave him two mismatched button eyes tied on with embroidery floss.  His scarf is made from warm 'n natural quilt batting that had a good bath in my grunging mixture as well.

The big Valentine heart he's holding is made from a mottled red cotton print and I aged a hang tag and hand lettered the words 'You Melt My Heart' onto it.

I then started to work on two other items that I have half finished to list in my Etsy and Prim Nest shops but today was not a good crafting day.  You know the kind of day I mean; nothing but nothing goes right - glue gets spilled all over, you pick up half finished items only to realize you have wet paint on your fingers, you poke yourself with a sewing needle, you burn your creations in the oven as you try to dry them ... When counting to ten still results in a poor primitive cow flying across the room it's time to call it quits!  So I set my primitive critters aside and turned to my partly completed mixed media shrine challenge. It should have been done by the end of December for my Mixed Media Studio group but circumstances prevented that from happening.  Whether it was the switch in style or working in a smaller size (the shrine is very tiny), something changed and I was able to finish it today without any further disasters :O)

Our challenge was to create a shrine of our choice and with all that my Mom's been going through lately I felt the need to create a shrine to Love; love of family, a Mother's love, love for life ... it all struck such a strong chord with me.  So I used a little fiberboard pavilion that I had purchased a while back from Paper Whimsy, it only measures about 3" tall by 2" wide, and covered it with various scrapbook papers in pink tones.

I hand stamped the word LOVE on the top of the opening and added some glittery paper hearts from a digital scrapbooking mini by Allison Kimball called "Amore" (shrunk down considerably!).  The beautiful angel and crescent moon on the back wall is from The Graphics Fairy and the little key charm is one I got at Michael's (I think?!).

I made the heart from air dry paper clay, painted it Deep Burgundy (Americana acrylic paint), crackled it with some Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paint (Clear Rock Candy) and then highlighted the crackles with some Warm White acrylic paint (Americana).  My intent was to show that even though our hearts may be old and tired, battered and broken they still beat strongly and are filled with LOVE.

On the top of the shrine I sprinkled some pink iridescent heart confetti that I got at the Dollar Store;

Added some more glittery hearts by Allison Kimball to each side;

And then cut out this heart shaped Cupid from a vintage valentine that I got at The Graphics Fairy and adhered him onto the back.  Along the top of the shrines sides and back, I also glued on some baby rickrack trim that I had aged with some tea stain distress ink.  Everything was then sealed with a coat of matte Modge Podge.

I love how it turned out and love the thoughts and sentiments that inspired it.  A Shrine To Love indeed and when I'm feeling low I will take out that little battered and bruised heart and remember that LOVE does indeed still reside inside it.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend my friends and I will be back in a couple of days to show you my other projects, hopefully!  Now I just have to remember where in the heck that cow flew off to!  Happy creating,



  1. Love seeing your two different projects! What a cheery little snowman - he's gorgeous. I especially love his sign!Your shrine is so pretty - and made with love. I know what you mean about those days when it just doesn't 'go'! I think I'm having one of those today :)x

  2. Deb, I completely understand that kind of day. Love both your items. Your snow fella is so adorable. I love how you've added all the sweet touches to your shrine.

    Enjoy your day


  3. You have created two beautiful's interesting when creations diverge, it usually means growth is happening.

    It's warm here too, the snow is melting off of the roof, the driveway is getting clearer...scary to think it might get cold again.


  4. I love the snowman...he's adorable:) Your little shrine is sweet.

    Our weather is going crazy here too. One minute it's freezing and then it warms up and we get fog.

  5. You whip things across the room too??? LOL, love your Valentine snowman - I can't believe you hand-lettered his tag - looks like a stamp Deb! The little shrine is so whimsical. Talked with another blog friend who is moving toward shabby it all! ~*~Lisa

  6. Looks like you have been busy again and everything looks great! Thanks for sharing. :)

  7. It's so refreshing to see that I'm not the only one that throws things across the studio lol...or feels torn between project styles ...I love both of your creations...just follow your heart and your mood...Hugs lil raggedy Angie

  8. Both are terrific! I know what you mean about having a bad craft day. Happens to me every once in awhile too. I end up thinking: "I am supposed to be enjoying this!" Short warm up here too. I'll take it!

  9. Your snowman sure has personality! Very cute! And I love the shrine...would like to try to make something like that. Looks like fun and gets your creative juices flowing! Hugs!

  10. Love your valentine snowman and your shrine of love to your Mom.

    Hugs friend

  11. Both creations are wonderful!!!
    Sometimes it's nice to do different things!!!
    Prim Blessings

  12. I think we all have those days for sure.
    Love your creations my friend.


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