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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Very Special Package

Happy Saturday everyone (or Sunday depending upon where on the planet you happen to be ;O).  Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetie wherever you were, my DH was at work so we delayed until today and I received a beautiful card that had me balling my eyes out and some very delicious chocolates, yum!  He's also baking me a cake today, what a guy!  He's most definitely a keeper :O)

I also received a very special package in the mail today, it was from Jo James of Cart Before The Horse and it was my wee little pumpkin head doll that was a thank you gift for donating to her KickStarter campaign last year.  Due to circumstances beyond Jo's control, things didn't turn out as hoped, but in a testament to her character and caring heart she kept her commitments to those of us who contributed to the campaign and this amazing work of art is the result.

She is tiny and perfect and I absolutely adore her!

Would you look at that face?  The detail is so incredible, I am in awe of Jo's talent.  Thank you Jo for sharing her with me, your little girl will be loved and cared for and treasured always.

I've been working away on my ATC's for our February swap with my Mixed Media Studio group, they are tiny but boy they take me a long time to do!  I fret over every detail, make mock up after mock up and then sweat bullets as I put the 'real thing' together.  This time I challenged myself to do some techniques that I'd never done before and I have to say I love the results!  The theme this month was 'Purple, Green and Gold'; we could do anything we wanted as long as those three colours were incorporated.  So with St. Patrick's Day on the horizon I decided to do one of the ATC's on that theme and here's the result.

I used lots of new techniques on this one, the background is made using a wax paper fresco technique (tutorial here) and I then transferred the text on the background using a modge podge print transfer technique (tutorial here).  Don't you adore that glass pebble?!  My new favourite thing to do, I am addicted!!  The tutorial is here but basically, find some text or a word you like and then glue one of those clear glass pebbles on top with a clear glue and cut it out.  LOVE!  The banners I used are from a freebie by (available here at The Graphics Fairy) that I massively shrunk down and the map of Ireland is a vintage one I found online.

For the second ATC I decided to do an Easter theme.

I found a bunny silhouette image online and cut it out to reveal the text on the layer below.  All of the lovely Easter images are courtesy of The Graphics Fairy and then it was embellish with green and purple gems and a little gold glitter glue for some bling!  Hope my partner likes them, I have to admit that I do have a lot of fun making them regardless of how much I sweat over it.  There are so many amazing techniques out there to try and working on these little ATC's lets you give it a go before you attempt it on a grander scale.

Well, I should sign off and get to work on my new items for our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's New Beginnings Spring Celebration.  Unfortunately, the Spring Celebration that our Handmade Art Fair Etsy team was going to do was cancelled for lack of participation, which was more than a little disappointing.  But the good news is that now I don't have to worry about creating another 8 new items before the middle of March, whew!  Just have to make 4 new ones before next Friday, no pressure now at all!!  Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll come on back to show you some sneak peeks of the new creations as they materialize.  Talk again soon and happy creating,



  1. Oh what a guy! Glad your Valentines Day was sweet! Love your Irish green & purple together - isn't is fun to learn new techniques? ~*~Lisa

  2. ATCs are fun to make. You know, the original concept was to make one quickly and simply so you could give it away. With all of these tricks and techniques, we've lost that, but it is fun to play, isn't it?

  3. Love your little pumpkin doll. I love Jo's work. Your ATC's are fabulous:)

  4. You are right...that pumpkin doll is amazing. The face looks almost real! :)

  5. The doll’s facial features do look real. Great job, Jo! You must have felt so excited opening that package. I’m glad you had a very happy Valentine’s Day!

    Dave Borrell

  6. Your little doll has a wonderful face! I don't know Jo's work so must investigate.


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