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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Snuffling and Sneezing

Hello everyone (hack, hack, hack), sorry for being MIA but I've been fighting a rotten cold (or is it the flu, who can tell?!).  Laid me very low for a couple of days but feeling somewhat more energized today so thought I'd best catch up in case it comes back for round two!  Hate being sick but not much you can do except curl up with a blanket and some hot tea and a big box of Kleenex's.

First of all, I want to let you all know that our Old Farmhouse Gathering 'New Beginnings Spring Celebration' started on Etsy on Monday.  Sorry for the late announcement but hope you'll stop by Etsy and search NBCOFG to find all of the great items created by our team just for this celebration.  Here's a little slide show to whet your whistle :O)

I did manage to get two more new items made for the celebration before I hit the wall; first I made this little chicken sitting on her nest, I'm calling her a Broody Biddy In A Bowl.   Love alliteration LOL!

Ain't she cute?

And then I made some Peeps and Sheeps bowl fillers.

And yes, to all the grammar and spelling police out there, I am aware that the plural of sheep is NOT sheeps but once again, it's that alliteration thing ... or maybe it's the cough medicine, who knows?  Anyway, I think it's cute even if no one else does LOL!

I also had a couple of challenges to finish for my Mixed Media Studio group and, in typical fashion left them to the last minute, so there I was struggling through a storm of Kleenex fluff to get them done in time.  But I did get them completed, although they probably wouldn't stand up to close scrutiny.  Fortunately these were not for swaps so the only who gets to see my slip-ups is me and I ain't sharing :O)

First, we were to make a box to hold at least three love letters for our Paper Studio quarterly challenge.

I used a tutorial on YouTube by ChicnScratch to make the box and embellished it with some papers and goodies from my stash.  The postcard in front was from a tutorial by Rook No. 17 and the smaller postcard in the back was from a printable by Free Pretty Things For You.  The bundle of love letters in the middle was from a pattern by Dee Duncan of Folk Art By Dee.

The second challenge I had to complete was one of our I Dare You challenges and this month we were to alter a fork.  I had grand plans to make a mobile but ran out of time and energy to do that, so decided instead to make a stand to display the lovely ATC's that my swap partners have been sending me.

I saw the inspiration for it on this YouTube video by JBLdyScrapper48 and other than burning the heck out of my fingers when I heated up the fork so I could bend the tines, it turned out pretty darn cute!  Think I've branded my thumb and index finger permanently with the embossed floral print on the forks handle LOL!  Here it is displaying on of the Queen of Hearts ATC's that I got from my swap partner Robyn.

And then today, I finished up another new item to list in my Prim Nest shop for the 1st of the month.  I made some felt Easter egg bowl fillers, hand embroidered them and then added some seed beads to one of them for a little bling ;O)

Love how they turned out, I am turning into a stitching fiend!  Spent most of the day sitting in front of the computer with the DMC embroidery stitch guide open before me trying out new stitches LOL!  I know I'm a neophyte when it comes to embroidery but it is fun to just wing it and see what you can create.

So that's it folks, I am going to head back to my easy chair and my blankie and snuffle away for a few days more.  Hope that you are all well and surviving our current blast of winter; I don't know about you but I'm getting darn tired of it!!  Stay safe and warm everyone and wash your hands and take lots of Vitamin C so you don't get this darn cold!  Happy creating,



  1. Hope you get well fast! As "common" as they are, colds stink! Great projects. "Peeps and Sheeps!" Too cute! I have a bent fork easel a friend gave me. I use it all the time.

  2. Too late already had it...sinus infection....and am now on the mend.

    Love your sheeps, peeps, chicks and forks. all cool stuff.

    stay warm. big storm for us this weekend. YAYYYY.

  3. Too late already had it...sinus infection....and am now on the mend.

    Love your sheeps, peeps, chicks and forks. all cool stuff.

    stay warm. big storm for us this weekend. YAYYYY.

  4. I'm a postcard fan so it's wonderful to see any version of them.

    I hope that you are feeling up to snuff soon again.


  5. I hope you're felling better. The fork display stand is very cool.

  6. I hope you're felling better. The fork display stand is very cool.

  7. You've been SICK??!! And you made all of those wonderful creations? Everything is awesome Deb, even the "sheeps" is...are. Hope you are better very soon! ~*~Lisa


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