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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Taking A Breath

Hello everyone, sorry for not posting lately, I can't believe it's been over a week since I popped in to say hi.  I've just been taking a breather after the flurry of orders in January and also, since I don't have any Mixed Media Studio swaps or challenges due until later this month, I've been 'vegging' :O)  Well, not completely but compared to the last few weeks it's definitely slowed down to a dull roar.

I've been brainstorming new creations for our Old Farmhouse Gathering team's upcoming Spring celebration on Etsy and have pages and pages of doodles just waiting to get made into patterns.  I also have another Spring celebration upcoming with our Handmade Art Fair Etsy team, so I am going to need lots of new items within the next couple of months.  It was slow going at first but now the wheels are turning and the pencil is flying.  Stay tuned for some sneak peeks!

I've also been stitching away on the Twigs 'n Sprigs embroidery pattern that I showed you last post.  I found the pattern (amazingly enough!) and it is called "Blessings Of Spring Wreath".  I've pretty much finished the embroidery and have it tea stained

and now have to stitch the white flowers in the pot and then decide whether or not to add some dry brushing here and there.  I think it is going to become a pillow cover; I've some 16" pillow forms downstairs and I think she'd look very pretty adorning a pillow!

I've also been working on a couple of projects for my 15th of the month updates on Etsy and The Prim Nest and decided to make a couple of bunny creations, using some of the zillions of patterns I have.  The first is a quilt pocket rabbit doll from a pattern by Tennessee Ridge Primitives:

and the second is some carrot sack bunnies from a pattern by Blue Moon Beginnings:

Both projects have a fair ways to go until they are finished as you can see!  Love Becky's and Vivian's designs, they are both such talented artisans.  I'll post pictures of the finishes when they are done, hope to get them completed in the next day or so as the middle of February is creeping closer, aaack!

I've also been glued to the TV, watching the Sochi Winter Olympics coverage; I'm a sucker for the Olympics, cannot not watch!  My sleep schedule has been seriously disrupted as I've been watching some events live which entails staying up till 2:00 or 3:00 a.m. here on the West Coast but I am so proud of and impressed by our amazing Canadian athletes!  Regardless of whether or not they get a medal, their dedication and commitment to their sports is so inspiring.  Go Canada Go, #WeAreWinter!

So I best get a little more dedicated myself and get back to work on my bunny WIP's and get some of those doodles off the paper and onto some fabric!  Hope you've had a great weekend and we'll talk again soon.  Happy creating!



  1. good to hear all is well in your world and you're still "breathing" LOL. Life sure does get hectic at times doesn't it? Will be waiting to see your finished projects.

  2. Deb, Your Blessings of Spring Wreath stitchery will look pretty where ever you put it.
    I've been working on some Spring creations too. Looking forward to seeing your finishes.
    Happy creating!
    Prim Blessings

  3. Sometimes you need to 'take a breather'. Liking the look of those bunnies already:)
    I was very interested that you've teastained the Blessings of Spring Wreath stitchery. I tea dye a lot for distressing projects, but have been wary of embroidered items. Have you ever had problems because of the acidity in the tannin Deb?

  4. Hi Deb, I just love your stitchery, such a cute pattern. Can't wait to see your finished bunnies, they will be awesome! hugs, Lecia

  5. Rabbits look very cute so far! Happy creating!

  6. Glad you could take a little time off. Sometimes we just need that. Now.....get back to creating. :)

  7. Busy busy you are ...enjoy the day hugs lil raggedy Angie

  8. Ya Canada, another set of medals...!!!

    I love your bunny, so cute, how you manage to turn out so many beautifully creative things is beyond me...or maybe you spend less time dreaming, and more time creating. LOL.


  9. Can't wait to see the bunnies finished,they are adorable now.Glad that you have had a chance to relax a bit.Blessings,Jen

  10. Very cute embroidery as are the bunnies:)


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