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Monday, March 17, 2014

An Irish Blessing For You

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  Hope you're having a wonderful day, drinking green beer and not getting pinched too often ;O)  I've a wee drop of Irish blood running through my veins so always enjoy celebrating St. Patrick's Day and remembering the Emerald Isle.

I made up a little gift for all of you on this St. Patrick's Day, to thank you for following along here on my blog.  It's an 8" x 10" chalkboard printable of an old Irish blessing.

To download it, click on the image above, then right click and choose view image and then click one more time to make sure you have the full sized image.  If that all seems much too confusing, you can download it from my Box account, click here to get the free chalkboard printable :O)

I have crossed one more thing off my Mixed Media Studio challenges and swaps list, I finished the cat cone for our next swap.  The cat cone is from a pattern by the very talented Jo James of Cart Before The Horse and the only stipulation that we had when making up her pattern for this swap was to NOT make a cat!  I have to admit I had grand plans for this particular swap but the logistics of my vision were beyond either my abilities or my patience; I'm not sure which it was but my vision did not materialize.  So I took a different route; the images of anthropomorphic cats kept coming to me for some reason, so I thought why not make the cat cone into a 'feline-o-morphic' person?  (Okay, that's not a real word but it's my blog so I can make up my own words if I want :O)

I attached a small tag to her that has an image of an anthropomorphic cat on it, so hopefully my swap partner will follow my line of thinking LOL!  That may be asking a lot though because my mind tends to work in weird and wonderful ways :O)

I think she's rather lovely and quite versatile as her colors are suitable for spring and summer, her cat 'costume' would work for a Halloween decoration and all the lovely Tim Holtz tinsel twine brings to mind Christmas.  A four seasons feline-o-morphic person cone!

So now on to the flower ATC's, they are due on the 25th along with the drawing on book pages challenge/swap, and then the altered working clock challenge.  I have a start on them all but they are no where near completion so time to crack the whip again!  Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day and happy creating!



  1. Thanks for the download :) Your new creation is wonderful!


  2. I see that you are really enjoying the Mixed Media group. Your creation is wonderful:)

  3. Deb,you make my head spin! LOL! You always have so many things going on,yet you manage to make beautiful things and on time. Thanks so much for the download.Oh if you couldn't figure it out,I love your newest project.Be blessed,Jen

  4. Gosh you accomplish so much!Love the cat cone. Feline-o-morphic is a great word!:)

  5. Love the colors of your cat in a cone and yes you can make up your own words! LOL! Thanks for sharing the cool chalkboard art Deb! ~*~Lisa


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