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Friday, March 14, 2014

I Did It

I've been hemming and hawing about this for quite some time, trying to justify the cost to myself, but I finally went and did it, I bought a Sizzix Big Kick!

The more paper crafting and album making that I did, the more I began to see what all the hoopla was about in using these die cutting and embossing machines.  The time saving value alone is worth it's weight in gold.  I used one of those lovely 40% off coupons at Michaels when I purchased it, so the price wasn't too horrific although once you get the machine you then have to buy all of the dies and embossing plates and folders, so I can see where this could truly get out of hand LOL!  But I am going to wait and watch for sales and discontinuations on the dies and embossing plates before buying too many to keep the cost in check.

And if you are wondering what these machines do and what the difference is between the Big Kick, the Big Shot, Cricut, Silhouette and who knows what else is out there, I will direct you to this wonderful YouTube video by scrapmadesimple:

I was so confused when I was researching which machine to buy and her video made it so clear!  Really helpful and lots of great tips on using the machine too, which as a newbie I definitely appreciated.

So since I had the machine, I had to buy at least a couple of dies and embossing plates, right?  Right??!!  The one die I really wanted was Tim Holtz's "Tattered Florals" die, love those flowers so much and they are very versatile.

And after watching another video on YouTube by Scrappinology (click here to view it), I learned that you can make stamps from your dies using fun foam!

How great is that?  I cut the stamps from fun foam and then also cut the flower die out of a clear re-positionable decal sheet (got it at Staples, it is made by Avery #03276) and then glued the decal sheet to the back of the fun foam so I could mount them on my stamping block.  I figure when the decal loses it's 'stickiness' I can then give them a little shot with some stencil adhesive so they'll continue to stick to the stamping block.

And after you cut out your stamps from the fun foam and the decal sheet, what do you have left??

Why, stencils of course!  Hee-hee, this is too much fun!  So from one die cutter, you get the dies themselves, stamps AND stencils AND you can also make your own embossing folders from the stamped out dies, watch Scrappinology's video I mentioned above for the how-to since I haven't gotten around to doing that quite yet.

And speaking of embossing folders, I had to buy a couple to get me started, right?  Right??!!  First I bought this Sizzix "Texturz Starter Kit", since it included the special pads that you need to do embossing on the Big Kick.

 It was actually a pretty great deal as I got 3 double sided plates so I can do 6 different embossing patterns.  And then, since I do adore all things Tim, I bought these Tim Holtz "Texture Fades Embossing Folders", the Bottle Caps and Rulers set.  In my defence, they were on clearance and a really good deal :O)


Don't you just love them?  I have been having so much fun playing and am at quite a standstill creatively speaking because I have so many ideas swirling through my head that I can't decide where to start!  Perhaps there is indeed "too much of a good thing" LOL!

The one thing that I did manage to get finished in between all my cutting and embossing was my little fox shelf sitter that I showed you a couple of posts ago.  Here he is all done, an Easter Fox Shelf Sitter.

He's ... um ... guarding that chocolate Easter egg for the Easter bunny.   Yeah, that's what he's doing ;O)  I'm tickled pink (or is that red?!) with how he turned out.  As I mentioned in my last post, he was adapted from a pattern by Matsutake and I think he is adorable.  He's now available in my Prim Nest shop if anyone is interested in him.

So now I have to get into high gear and stop playing with my new toy and get cracking on some projects that are coming due for my Mixed Media Studio group.  I am working on a cat cone swap (that isn't really going to be a cat, stay tuned for pics!) as well as my March ATC swap (this month our theme is flowers, anyone want to bet that those tattered florals might make an appearance?!) and then there is the treat box bonus challenge, the drawing on book pages challenge/swap and the altered working clock challenge.  Eeeeks, I have to get back to work right now!  Hope that Spring will soon be showing up at all your doors, it is definitely springing here, yipee!  Have a great weekend everyone and happy creating!



  1. Gosh you're going to have fun with that amazing gadget!Enjoy! Little Mr Foxy is gorgeous - I think that the Easter Bunny will be 'hopping' mad that he can't reach that particular egg!:)

  2. Congratulation on your new toy! Looks like too much fun!
    Love your fox, he is to FABULOUS!
    Have fun and enjoy your new toy!

  3. Sooo Cooool Deb! I expect we will see some new creations from this happy purchase! Can't wait to see more.



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