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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Searching For Spring

Morning folks!  Are you searching for Spring in your neck of the woods?  She's occasionally been spotted here in B.C.

And some days have been (mostly) glorious.  I say mostly because, in typical Spring fashion, it can be beautiful sunshine one moment:

Then snowing like crazy the next:

And then 10 minutes later, beautiful blue sky and sunshine again!

I took these photographs when we were out snowshoeing on the first day of Spring and The Delinquent was in her glory digging in the muddy earth for voles.

Fortunately we had to walk across a big open field full of soft snow to get back to the truck, so she was decidedly cleaner before she hopped in for the ride home!

But today it is snowing yet again and more is forecast for the rest of the week.  Fortunately it is quite warm though, so while the snow falls and sticks for a bit, it isn't lasting long.  We had about 5 inches the other day but it is mostly gone already.  I hear that you folks in the East are having to batten down the hatches again for yet another big storm, stay safe everyone and remember, this too shall pass!

I've been stuffing goats like crazy for the last few days, I haven't sold any of the little devils for ages and all of a sudden had multiple orders for them, so I have quite the herd sitting on the dining room table waiting for finishing touches before they head off to their respective homes.  I did get another of my Mixed Media Studio challenges completed in between sewing and stuffing; it is the drawing on book pages challenge.

I chickened out and decided to print an image on an old dictionary page instead of drawing something; my drawing skills are suspect at best so figured this was the safer way to go LOL!  Found a book stack image on Pinterest, printed it onto the book page along with the text 'READ' and then colored the books in with some Tim Holtz Distress Markers and decoupaged on a couple of vintage library book check out cards.  The dictionary page has the definition for the word 'read' on it.  I can see where this could become very addicting and has all kinds of possibilities for incorporating these book pages into your art journals and mixed media pieces.

 So I must get back to work now on my wee goats and also work on my altered clock and pop tab challenge  as the end of the month is creeping ever closer.  Hope that Spring has decided to come and stay wherever you may be and if not, never fear, she will show up eventually?!



  1. I just looked out of the window awhile ago and big fluffy flakes were falling. Ah well. There's not much I can do about the weather:)

  2. No spring here yet either.

    I like your Read page.

  3. Your READ work looks lovely Deb!

    We had a nice sunny day yesterday, 44 degrees but felt like 54 without that blasted wind! This morning woke up to a thin layer of snow covering the grass. High in the upper 30's today and tomorrow starts a trend of 50's temps...YAY

  4. If it's any consolation we are cold and grey here again. Spring is being most contrary this year it seems - I think she needs a good talking to!

  5. Spring has taken a hike around here too. Been quite cold lately. One of my old dogs liked to vole hunt in the snow too. Nice book page. Art on text is very interesting.

  6. Deb, I know you are looking forward to Spring. The wind is blowing fiercely in our area today, it sounds like a big fight between Spring and Winter.

    Awwww, Delinquent is so cute!



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