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Sunday, March 2, 2014

Something To Crow About

Good Sunday morning all, hope this finds you snug and warm as the polar vortex roars through again.  Does all of this wacko weather remind anyone else of that movie "The Day After Tomorrow" starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal?  I hope that the resemblance between fact and fiction is merely coincidental and not a foreshadowing of what's coming!  Strange winter indeed; it has been cold here and now it is snowing like crazy and forecast to continue for days.  I know Spring will show up eventually but it's not looking like it will be anytime soon, for anyone!

I mentioned a while back that Patty Johnson, editor of Creative Times Magazine and owner of The Prim Nest contacted me about doing an interview about my business and well, today my interview was published in the March/April issue of Creative Times!  Click here or click the image below to head on over and read the issue.

Thanks so much to Patty and Creative Times for featuring me, it was a wonderful surprise to be asked and very much appreciated.  Hope you enjoy reading the issue and be sure to download my free pattern that's included, it will be perfect for Easter :O)

Stay safe everyone and Think Spring!



  1. Congratulations Deb.

    I watched that movie, it does seem like we are living in it lately! The winter that never ends.

  2. Congratulations That's wonderful news. Sorry to read you've been poorly - we've had a sick household too so I've not quite caught up with myself. Hope you get some spring soon!

  3. How awesome! Congrats to you and well deserved! Sorry about the cold - this winter just seems to never end! Hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. CONGRATS DEB! So very cool about the magazine, you sure deserve the recognition, you are an amazing creative force! Yes, this weather is getting scary movie creepy! ~*~Lisa

  5. Congratulations Deb!
    Thinking Spring for you all that have had a load of winter!


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