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Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Lesson In Patience

Hello, hope you are all having a lovely weekend.  It's cool here and we actually had some snow flurries in the morning yesterday and today but nothing stuck on the ground thank goodness!  They are forecasting temperatures to reach into the low 20's C (low 70's F) later this coming week and we can't wait!

I received a lovely collection of origami papers in the mail today that one of my friends in our Mixed Media Studio group sent to me.  One of our challenges this quarter is to make an origami book pendant, using the folding instructions in this YouTube video by happypuppytruffles (love her name!).

Now I have never, ever in my life tried origami; I've seen it and appreciate the intricacy of the art form but had never tried it myself.  And all I can say is, patience is definitely an asset when attempting origami!

I did a couple of 'test' folds using some thin wrapping paper (there are so many folds in this little book that very thin paper or origami paper is definitely a necessity) and let's just say they didn't go all that smoothly LOL!  I kept getting lost as I watched the video and would end up with something that looked nothing like the beautiful little book she ends up with.  But I persevered and finally used a piece of the origami paper to make this little origami book pendant.

Yep, that's a quarter beside it!!  And here are the inside pages:

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, I have folds on the cover because I think I 'over emphasized' some of the early steps in the folding process but for my first completed book it's not too bad.  I also mucked up the front cover when I tried to use a small metal stud as my book closure (the 'flower' on front was added to try and disguise all the holes the stud made LOL!).  I finally used the technique that Mariposa suggested on her blog Beyond The Storybook and used a small brad and some pearl cotton instead.  Surprisingly, I did manage to add an eyelet to the spine without too much trouble using my Cropadile so I could add the bead charm and a jump ring for attaching the book to a necklace chain.

These little books are going to become very addictive I think; what a perfect place to keep your 'secrets' written down for no one but you to see or to add teeny tiny pictures for a very mini photo album.  There are even a couple of 'pockets' on the first and last pages where you could stash very, very tiny tags :O)  Give them a try, they take a bit to get the hang of but it is very satisfying when you finally figure them out and end up with your own little origami book.

Off to do some more folding, we are going to be swapping them with partners so I want to make a special one or two to send on their way.  Have a wonderful week everyone and happy creating!



  1. Oh my gosh! How fun is that! Love it girlfriend.

  2. Beautiful job as always. I can always count on you to follow through on a matter how crazy I make you....LOL

  3. How cute though, and what a lesson in patience! I am so impressed with your little book Deb... fingers crossed the warm weather appears as predicted!

  4. Hi Deb, I think you did an awesome job, there used to be a gentleman in my area that did the origami, one of my hair customers would take $20 bills to him before Christmas. He would fold them into all of these awesome designs. She would put them on her Christmas tree, and her family would pick one off for their gift. I always thought that was so neat. hugs, Lecia

  5. Origami is so interesting. I've had relatives do it, but I've never tried. Love your tiny book! Too cute!

  6. It's sot teeny cute.

    I've heard of origami but of course have never tried it.

    Practice makes perfect.

  7. Those little guys are so cute!! Hope you get the warm weather too. We are suppose to be warm all week also. Isn't it just wonderful!! :)

  8. Looks like fun and you did a great job of your first tiny book

  9. WOW that is awesome Deb! What an interesting art for sure. I don't think my big jumbo fingers could do that!
    Enjoy your new found talent!

  10. Lovely tiny origami book pendants, you did great. BRAVO.
    Thank you so much for your kind words Deb.


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