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Friday, April 4, 2014

Hello April

Welcome April, we are so glad to see you again!  Your lovely showers bring the May flowers, which is something that we are all eagerly anticipating.  Especially those folks who live in the East and especially everyone in the Maritimes and Newfoundland and Labrador; I think that they have had more than their fair share of snow, cold and Nor'Easters this winter!

I finished my final challenge for our Mixed Media Studio group at the last minute, it was the pop tab challenge and while I had grand plans (again!), my pop tab constructs quite literally fell apart so I ended up making a pendant necklace.

This is definitely one of the simplest things that you can make from a pop can tab but since I am in no way, shape or form a jewelry maker, I did find it challenging.  But the final result is quite pretty I think.  Whenever I wear it, I will be able to keep my Mom close to my heart :O)

I also wanted to share with you my swaps that I received this month, they were both from Helen and I love, love, love everything that she makes, she is one talented gal!  First, here is her take on the cat cone.

I adore owls so this guy just melted my heart as soon as I saw him, don't you love the eyebrows?!

And here are Helen's Flower ATC's for our March ATC swap.

I admire Helen's use of colour so much, it is an area that I am more than a little intimidated by but she has no fear at all and the results are beautiful.

As usual, she also included a couple of extras, generous gal that she is :O)

A pretty flower made with the Tim Holtz Tattered Floral die and a fairy dust key chain, too cute!  Thank you so much Helen, I love it all.

So our first quarter at the Mixed Media Studio has come to a close and we are now on the next with lots of new challenges and swaps.  It is all about books this quarter in both the Mixed Media and Paper Studios and I am really looking forward to trying many new techniques.  The first challenge that needs to be completed is a Sculpted Book challenge; we are to create a sculpture with paper back or hard cover books that only involve folding and gluing the book pages, no cutting or carving is allowed.  There are some spectacular examples on the web (check out this Etsy shop, LucianaFrigerio, WOW!) but they are way beyond me so mine will be significantly less complicated LOL!

And our ATC swap this month sounds like a lot of fun, we are to pick a couple of our favourite book titles and then create ATC's that visually represent that title without using any words.  Our swap partner is then going to try and guess what our titles are just by looking at our ATC's; it sounds like fun and challenging!  I am going to have to scour my bookshelves for titles that will be somewhat easy to represent visually, somehow!

We also have a second Drawing On Book Pages challenge due at the end of April and then there are more swaps and challenges coming due later in the quarter that will involve making mini albums (and I do mean mini, think pendant or charm sized books, yikes!), making a tunneled book (which will involve carving out a book) and a book or album made from coasters.  Lots of new techniques to learn, I can't wait!

The I Dare You Challenge for this month is to alter a light bulb, hmmmmm, will have to think about that one, and we also have an altered initial challenge due in June.  My altered initial is going to be going to the lovely Helen, who just sent me all my wonderful swap goodies, so I'm thinking I am going to have to get over my fear of colour to make her initial!  A big bright letter H will be appearing here some day in the future, stay tuned :O)

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend, the snow is nearly all gone from the yard here so a little clean up is in the cards for us.  We'll talk again soon, happy creating!



  1. love your latest creations! the necklace is awesome!

  2. Hi Deb, love your necklace it is beautiful. And such wonderful creations from Helen. Hugs, Lecia

  3. My goodness, you sure keep busy! Your necklace turned out really nice!

  4. Even though I am not into jewelry your pop tab necklace turned out lovely.

    Good luck on all your other projects. You are one fearless lady.


  5. Your list of creativity seems to grow and grow, such beauties. When do you find time to garden?


  6. Your necklace is very sweet :) It's trying to snow here today. Big fat flakes. I was shocked as we have had quite a few sunny days and the snow was almost all gone...sigh.

  7. What a treasure your necklace is Deb♥ Can't believe all of the challenges you have lined up! Love how you are exploring artistic boundaries and conquering! Enjoy! ~*~Lisa

  8. Love your new design Deb! You are really thinking outside the box.
    Really fabulous creations from Helen.
    Sound like you will be a bit busy in the future.
    You know if my head were not box shaped I could maybe pull off something like this...maybe.
    Enjoy your day,

  9. Deb - Your pop tab necklace is so cute. You'd never guess what it started as! I am new to your blog and your newest follower.


  10. Your necklace turned out great Deb. Challenges help don't they, they push our little grey cells to work hard... ;o) Helen sent you some wonderful things. Lots of new challenges coming up to. Will be watching. to see what you do.

  11. It's all just lovely Deb! I really enjoy the variety of creations you share, your own beautiful makes and those of your friends.

  12. Wow! Deb the pop tab necklace is beautiful!!! Love the things that the oh so talented Helen sent too.Can't wait to see your future challenges.Sorry I am so late in commenting.Have a wonderful day.Blessings,Jen

  13. Love your pop tab pendant - I remember something along the lines of them being hooked together to form some kind of chain - that was many years ago!
    I also love your swaps, and the challenges you take part in - how wonderfully creative they sound. I look forward to seeing all your book creations too!


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