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Friday, May 23, 2014

A Fairy Tale Week

Hello everyone, hope this finds you all well.  I've been busy, busy, busy here with yard work, finishing up swaps for my Mixed Media Studio group and getting things organized to go and spend a few days with my Mom.  We are going to work on her memory album that I made her for Christmas :

so I've been scanning and resizing old family photographs, printing pictures and embellishments to complete the album and packing up all we will need to work on it at her house.  I have to keep repacking all the junk supplies we need to work on the album into bigger and bigger containers - have you ever stopped to consider all the bits, bobs, paper, scissors, glue, paper cutters, ribbon, etc., etc., etc. that you use when making an album?!  It is truly mind boggling when you see it all in one place!  But I think I have it all together now (she says hopefully) and will get on the road this weekend to go and spend some quality time with my Mom, I can't wait :O)

I mentioned in my title that this has been a fairy tale week and part of the reason for that was the two ATC's that I made to send to my swap partner.  The theme this month was fairy tales or bedtime stories and so I was researching and re-reading all the stories from my youth.  Some of the Grimm's fairy tales I read were absolutely horrifying, how in the heck these were ever considered bedtime fare for children is beyond me!  Talk about nightmare inducing.  Here are the two ATC's that I ended up creating, can you guess which fairy tales they are about?

Fairy Tale ATC Number 1

Fairy Tale ATC Number Two

I'll put the answers at the end of the post again in case you are stumped, one is very easy but the other might be a bit of a puzzler ;O)

The other reason that this week was like a fairy tale is because I was the lucky winner of not one but two blog giveaways!  The first win was from Ellen Vargo at Ten Thirty-Six Art, I was lucky enough to win a set of her wonderful stamps:

If you aren't familiar with Ellen's work, make sure to head on over to her blog and take a peek.  She is so talented!  You can also view her work on YouTube, she did a video on making art journal backgrounds for Paper Artsy that I love, here is the link:  Thank you so much Ellen, I can't wait to get your beautiful texture stamps.

And the second giveaway was by Sue over at the Wicked Faerie Queen, she was giving away one of her lovely necklaces from her Etsy shop, My Hippie Heart Jewelry:

I love Sue's jewelry, I've a couple of her necklaces already so can't wait to add this beauty to my collection.  Thanks so much Sue and if you don't follow Sue's blog, head on over to take a peek; she shares the most beautiful images and she is a passionate and dedicated supporter of rescue dogs, a cause that is near and dear to my heart and for which I admire her very much!

I won't be home again until the first week of June, so I will say bye for now and will fill you in on all the fun Mom and I are going to have on my visit with her.  Have a lovely couple of weeks and keep on creating my friends, we will talk again soon,


The fairy tale title for ATC Number One is Cinderella (that one was easy!) and the second one is Rumpelstiltskin :O)


  1. beautiful work! Have a great visit with your Mum,

  2. Have a great time! Cute ATCs! I did guess them, but I'll admit I wasn't sure how to spell Rumpelstilskin until I read it at the end.

  3. Have a great time with your Mom.

  4. Have a great time working on the memory album with your Mom. Good job on the ATCs.

  5. I love both of your ATC's:) Have fun with your mum.

  6. Have a wonderful time with your Mom, here's to great weather.


  7. Have fun and Happy Memorial Weekend!

  8. I love all of your pretty things! I have some of Sue's jewelry and love it! Fun to wear! Hope you've had a good week! Sweet hugs, Diane


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