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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Can You Guess The Book Titles?

Hi everyone, hope this finds you all well.  I've been MIA as I've been out working in the yard since our weather has finally decided to smarten up and also, my muse seems to be taking a Spring break so I haven't had much to show you LOL!  I'm sure she will come back refreshed and ready to rock and roll but for the time being my creativity is on hiatus.

I can now show you the ATC's that I made for our Mixed Media Studio April swap; if you remember we were to make ATC's that were representative of our favorite book titles, but we were not to use the title of the book anywhere on the ATC.  Our swap partners were to try and guess what the books were; here are my two ATC's, can you guess the titles?

Mystery book title ATC number one

Mystery book title ATC number two

And to keep you guessing, here are the three ATC's that my swap partner sent to me.

Swap partners mystery book title ATC's #1 and #2
Swap partners mystery book title ATC #3

As you can see, my partner very generously sent me three ATC's, thanks so much Ceil, I love them!  I managed to guess two of her titles but the third had me stumped so she had to give me some help.  This swap was a lot of fun and we are going to continue the mystery ATC theme for the month of May as we create ATC's to represent fairy tale and bedtime stories.  Should be fun, I've got to get working on mine soon. (Pssst! I posted the mystery book title answers at the bottom of this post :O)

I also made another of those tiny origami book pendants and added some miniature tags to this one.

This will be the one that I will be sending to my swap partner, hope that she will like it.

And I also have been doing some stitching, our Old Farmhouse Gathering team on Etsy is going to be having a Summer celebration starting on May 19th and I have committed to making four new items for it.  Bad time for my muse to take a vay-cay!  So far I have completed one item, this embroidered sunflower candle mat from a pattern by Primitive Stitches.

Since it is now the 8th of May, I best get my roller skates on and get the three other items completed, muse or no muse!  Hope that your muse is working hard for you and I'll be back again as soon as mine decides to come on home :O)  Happy creating everyone,


P.S.  Here are the answers for the mystery book titles: my 1st ATC is "The Children of Men" by P.D. James and my 2nd ATC is "Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien.  My swap partners ATC titles are as follows: #1 = "Water For Elephants"; #2 = "Raven" and #3 = "Valley of the Dolls".  How'd you do with your guesses??!!


  1. Deb the book title pieces are sensational. I guessed a couple but some were hard!

  2. Hi Deb, love the books, I guess, The Lord of the Rings. Love your necklace and stitchery mat is beautiful. hugs, Lecia

  3. Love the ATCs you and your partner made. I only guessed The Raven. Isn't there a book titled, How Green Is My Valley, or something like that? I was thinking of that for the last one-- I didn't notice the faces at first. Very fun!

  4. What a wonderful creative swap!!!
    I only guessed the Lord of the Rings and the Raven. I'm not very good at it I guess. It was fun though!
    Love the candle mat!
    Hope you get your mojo back!

  5. You have been one very busy crafter, sounds like both in the garden, and in the house.

    I think I have someone for you to meet on Monday...stay tuned.


  6. I never do very good at guessing! But I love the pendants you've made! What fun to wear! Happy Mother's day my friend! Hugs, Diane

  7. The ATCs are a fun idea. I only got The Lord of the Rings...ah well:)

  8. I am stopping over from Jen's "Muddy Boot Dreams" to say hello. All the art here, by you and other artists, is wonderful ~ a colorful, interesting feast for the eyes. It's nice to meet you and I will return again to see what's new next time.

  9. Hello, I'm glag Jen told me to stop here. I have to say I only guessed one book (shame on me): LOTR

  10. I also guessed a couple, what beautiful creations, that is a beautiful swap. thank you so much for visiting me, I came right back to meet you!


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