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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Looking Around

We've been blessed with warm weather the last few days, not the bright sunshine and high temperatures they had been forecasting, but a hazy, gentle warmth that makes the trees burst out in leaf and the grass leap up out of the earth.  My hubby cut the lawn yesterday for the first time this year and the air was filled with the wonderful fresh scent of newly mown grass, heaven!  I've been out in the garden, cleaning up the winter's detritus and placing a few of our garden ornmants here and there, would you like to take a look around?

I've had this hummingbird wind spinner for many years, one of the fins has been broken off as you can see, but it stills hums away when the breezes blow.  I've placed it near the hummingbird feeder by the front door, so perhaps one of our resident hummers will use it as a place to perch as they wait for their turn at the feeder.

Our daffodils are just starting to make their appearance, they are blooming much later this year as we usually have some flowers by the end of April but, regardless of their tardy appearance, their beautiful, shining, yellow faces are a joy to behold.  I love the white petals on this lovely pictured above.

Some very dear friends of ours gave us this adorable garden ornament for Christmas last year; they know how much we love our pups so this guy is the perfect fit for our home!  He is holding a solar light in his mouth so his lantern guides the way to our front door in the dark.  Love him :O)

The wildflowers are starting to bloom as well, this wild clematis is one of the first to show it's colours and how welcome they are in amongst the shadows beneath the trees.  I noticed that the Indian Paintbrush and the Calypso orchids are also blooming in the hills above our home, I'll try and get some pictures to share with you soon.

A little flycatcher rented our birdhouse from us last year to raise her brood but so far this year, this room appears to be vacant.  It's going 'cheep' so if you're interested, you best leave a deposit of twigs and soft down soon!

Thanks for stopping by to take a look around and hope you are enjoying the sights, sounds and wonderful smells of Spring in your neck of the woods.  Until later,


I'm doing a little house cleaning and rearranging, trying to simplify my layout and make it a little cleaner.  I've also increased the size of my photos in my posts as I've seen comments that folks prefer to see bigger pictures without having to click the thumbnails.  Any comments, suggestions and (gentle!) critiques welcomed  and hope you like the new look :O)

I'd also like to thank Jen of Muddy Boot Dreams for the mention on her blog the other day, thank you so much :O)  If you haven't visited Jen, you are in for a treat; she is a fabulous photographer, writer and has a very thoughtful and helpful blog (and she also has the cutest Boo cat you've ever seen!)


  1. Love your new look blog - the pics certainly do pop. Such beautiful photos, too. That dog garden ornament certainly looks realistic!

  2. The new look was the first thing I noticed and it is beautiful. I love the simple look with the big pictures and use that on my blog too. Your photos are so crisp and clear too. Good job. It is wonderful, that first time out, doing a bit of yard work.

  3. Your little pup is adorable Deb and your flowers are so pretty.

  4. PS I like your new blog look too. I also increased the size of my pictures.

  5. Aw Deb, I think Boo's head is so swelled with pride, he is demanding more cat food for dinner.

    Your blog is looking so lovely, it's always a treat to stop by.


  6. I really like the new look too. Very professional looking. Lovely pictures! Maybe Spring is finally here to stay!

  7. I thought you had done some changes...very nice:) Spring has finally arrived here with a blast. One day no green now the trees are covered in buds and we might actually cut the grass tomorrow.

  8. Your blog looks so professional and all. BRAVO!
    The eyes of the dog are amazing. I wish I could live like a bird and rent this lovely room. ;-)


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