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Monday, June 9, 2014

Garden Delights

Happy Monday everyone (that's not an oxymoron is it?!).  Hope you all had a great weekend and are recharged and ready for the coming week.  In between rain showers this weekend I wandered around the garden and took some photographs, come along for a stroll.

I know for most of you that your lilacs have come and gone, but up here in the valley ours are just starting to bloom.  Is there anything more intoxicating than the smell of lilacs?  We have many bushes scattered here and there on our property so the air is heavy with their delightful scent.

 The wind flowers or anemones are flowering everywhere (and I do mean everywhere!) in the garden and this Zephyr Angelwing butterfly seems to be quite happy that they are.  Although I do love the early white blooms of these anemones, they spread like wildfire and I have to be quite vicious with them to keep them in check.

And if I have a butterfly picture, it seems only fair that I include a bumblebee too!  Fortunately for us, we have a plethora of bumblebees and honey bees in the garden this Spring and this guy was happily buzzing from flower to flower on the deadnettle.

The blue flax is in full bloom, it's a wildflower but is so pretty I can't bear to pull it out when it volunteers in the garden.  It seems to love dry arid areas so knock yourself out my friend!

And our snowball bush is loaded with blossoms this year.  I had been contemplating pulling it out since it wasn't doing much of anything but it must have heard me and decided to produce some flowers.  This plant is in the viburnum family and the clusters of flowers start out this lovely shade of pale green and then turn pure white.  Beautiful!

This next picture is of a very different garden delight, it's a rhubarb crisp that I made with rhubarb growing here in our yard.  The plants are absolutely immense this year, the leaves are as big as an elephant's ear and the stalks are 3 feet long.  I love the tartness of the rhubarb contrasted with the sweet oatmeal topping (and a big dollop of vanilla ice cream too of course ;O)

I'm working away on the coaster album for my Mixed Media Studio group; we are to use drink coasters (like you get at bars or restaurants to put under your drinks) to make a photo album to send to our swap partners.  I don't have pictures yet but will take some soon and post them for you to see, it's coming along great.  Hope you have a great week and happy creating!



  1. Sensational photos of your garden - it must be a magical place.

  2. Hey buddy. Love your photo's. Especially the blue flax. Wish some of that grew around here.

  3. Mondays tend not to be too cheery but your lovely flowers and yummy crisp is sure to win some smiles!!
    Have a terrific week!
    xo Catherine

  4. Beautiful flowers Deb!!!!
    I love Rhubarb Crisp!!!! Send me some :0)

  5. Lovely! I like your shade of lilacs; so pretty, and yes, they smell heavenly!

  6. I just love all your flowers!! So pretty!! Wish my flowers could grow like that up here. :)

  7. Our lilacs have just gone by here. It seems they never stay long enough. I am getting caught up on your latest creative posts, eye candy for someone like me who does my best work with picture corners and double-backed tape:)


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