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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Home Again, Home Again

Hello everyone, hope this finds you all well.  I'm back home again after my visit with my Mom and trying to get caught up.  I still haven't had a chance to visit your blogs but promise to cruise around over the next couple of days to see what you've all been up to.

I had a great time with my Mom, it has been many, many years since it's been just the two of us alone together, and we had a great time catching up, reminiscing and working on her memory album.  We made some good progress on it and discovered a bunch more photographs that we'd missed on our first perusal through the family photo albums so I've more picture scanning to do in my future LOL!

I got home to three very happy pups and a lonely hubby; he has informed me that I'm not allowed to leave him alone for that long ever again as he was getting very tired of talking to himself; the pups aren't great conversationalists apparently :O)  I also got back to a swarm of mosquitoes and a garden that has leaped up out of the ground; lots of weeding to do which will require a lot of mosquito spray in order to accomplish it.  Hopefully the skitters won't last too long if we get some hot weather; love summer but the bugs not so much!

I also discovered on my return home that I had a swap due for my Mixed Media Studio group at the end of May that I'd totally missed; I had the due date wrong and went merrily on my way to visit with my Mom without getting it finished.  So I've been cutting, gluing and embellishing like crazy the last couple of days to get it finished to send off to my swap partner.  It is a micro mini photo album, using the technique taught in this YouTube video by J Ann B Designs:

It's very cute and works up quite quickly and I managed to get it finished today, here's my version:

And since I messed up on the due date, I also made my partner an Alice In Wonderland postcard, using a postcard kit that I got from Crafty Secrets:

The 'Eat Me', 'Drink Me' tags were ones I found online awhile back and unfortunately there was no attribution on the file I downloaded, so if anyone knows where they came from please let me know so I can credit the designer.  They are too cute and perfect for this postcard.

I'll get the album and the postcard into the mail tomorrow, 5 days later than it should have been sent which makes me crazy but not much I can do about it at this stage.  It has lit a fire under me though, so I am going to work on and FINISH all my other swaps and challenges due for the end of this month tout de suite so I don't do this again anytime soon.

And with that being said, I best get off of this computer and get back to work.  Hope you are all having a wonderful creative week and I'll be back soon with some more finishes.  Talk again soon!



  1. Oh My!! How pretty. I love this!

  2. Glad you had special time with your mom! Good luck with the skeeters bad this year! Your creations are awesome! ~*~Lisa

  3. sound like you and your Mum had a great time! The recipient of this swap will be over joyed!That little photo album is so cute, lots of work!!The post car is beautiful!!!

  4. Your mini album so so cute. Will look at the video next. Cute postcard too. Mosquitoes are getting bad here too :( I guess there's one thing to say about winter. No bugs. Glad you had a nice visit with your Mom.

  5. So nice you got to spend some quality time with your mom:)
    Also nice that your hubby missed you so much :D
    Beautiful mini album and card - you are so talented!

  6. Hello Deb! Welcome back! Your mini photo album is really nice (you must be a really patient person). The 'palme d'or' goes to your Alice in Wonderland postcard. It is just perfect. It really is. I can't get my eyes away from it. the truth is I really love this book. I love the way it was written as well as the illustrations (the original ones). I even wanted to go to Oxford last year in order to know more about Lewis Carroll, but ...
    Too much about myself. I hope you will be able to get rid of all those annoying and blood-thirsty mosquitoes. I also hope you will be able to win the war against the weeds and be able to free your garden from them.

  7. Lovely work Deb:) I really like the mini album...very cute.

  8. Welcome home. Glad you had a wonderful time with your Mom.

    your mini album is great.

  9. Oh Deb... I loved reading about your dogs in my blog post and then more now.. in yours! I loved getting to see photos of your babies in your side bar too (although I remembered seeing them when I visited here before)... I love seeing their sweet faces. And thank you for putting Molly up with her message. I wish everyone felt like you and I do.. and ALWAYS adopted shelter pets!!! YOur projects are beautiful!!!

  10. Your mini album is beautiful. What a lovely piece of artwork.
    Glad you enjoyed your time with your mom.


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