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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Altered Saturday

Hello everyone, hope this finds you all well.  The torrential rains have stopped here and the temperatures are on the rise, so all is well in the Paxton Valley today!

I've been working on some projects for our Mixed Media Studio group and I finally decided what I wanted to do to alter the rock I showed you in my last post.

Initially I was going to paint it but then decided to try something different and ended up gluing on all these little seed beads to make the flower.  It didn't photograph very well but does look quite pretty in person and makes a lovely little paper weight.

We are also to alter a watch and incorporate it into a cuff bracelet to send to our swap partner.  I took one of my hubbies old watches (I was altering one of my own but disasters ensued and there went that idea!) and after taking it apart and refilling it with bits and bobs of old jewelry and beads here's what I have so far.

As I've said before, jewelry making is not something I've done much of but have to say I am having fun giving it a try.  The bottom of the watch casing is filled with seed beads and some of the watch parts I took out and then I've lined the bezel with rhinestones from a pair of earrings my Mom gave me for my stash.  The flower is a pin that my Mom also gave me and the wing and bee are charms that  I've colored with alcohol inks.  Just letting all the E6000 dry and then I am going to incorporate it onto a cuff that I've made from fabric, lace and ribbon.  I think it will be quite pretty when done and I'll post a picture once I've got it together (both literally and figuratively!).

Hope you have a great weekend and that it is warm and sunny where ever you may be.  Happy creating everyone!



  1. Hi Deb! I knew you were going to 'conquer' the rock :-).
    That's watch looks really nice. BRAVO!

  2. I wouldn't have thought to use beads-- very clever. Nifty altered watch too. I've never tried jewelry making. Warm here but overcast today.

  3. I love the rock... so clever. Also, love the watch too! I always enjoy seeing what you're working on.

  4. I love rocks and funky jewelry - so much fun you are having Deb! Love the way you explore with your creativity - so inspiring! ~*~Lisa

  5. looks like you are doing a wonderful job to me.

  6. PS I forgot to tell you the rock looks great.


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