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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Mea Culpa

My apologies everyone for not posting for sooo long, where has the time gone?  No excuse other than it has been hotter than Hades here for the last while and all my giddy-up got up and went!  So hope you'll forgive me and that this find you all well.

We've had a cool down the last couple of days which is welcome respite from temperatures near 100 F.  The forests are tinder dry and fires have been leaping up all over our beautiful province, so hopefully this cooler weather will give the fire fighters a chance to get a leg up.  I don't know how the fire fighters do it; climbing steep hillsides with huge packs on their backs, digging out hot spots by hand while watching for deadfalls and water bombers over head.  They are a brave and hard working bunch and I thank them for all that they do.

Wish I had lots of finished projects to show you, but I'm at a stand still creatively speaking at the moment.  I've lots of stuff started but not a dang thing finished, mores the pity.  Here's my altered rock for our Mixed Media Studio group:

Ummm, yes, it is still just a rock!!  I do have some ideas for it but nothing has transpired as you can plainly see ... the only good thing is that I did find a rock to alter so I guess that is a start??!

But I have been working on my altered bird doll challenge, I have a vision and this dirigible is the first step.

I made it using a pattern provided by Laura Carson on her blog Artfully Musing and steampunked it up so it looks like an old, rusty metal dirigible.  Don't know how well something like that would fly but it looks cool LOL!  The bird doll has been sewn and is currently awaiting a coat of gesso before I get to work on him.  I'll post some more pictures as it progresses, I'm just hoping I can make my vision come to life :O)

The other thing I've been playing with is making my own blog background, what do you think?  I used a tutorial I found at Something Swanky and just used the overlays that they have available on PicMonkey.  It was fun and quite easy to do, think I will be having some seasonal fun making my own BG's :O)

So that dear friends is that, even though I've been MIA for over 10 days that is all I have to show you.  I'll leave you with a picture of one of our yellow roses that is in full bloom, despite the withering heat.  This rose is one tough cookie let me tell you, it gets snow heaped on it all winter as it is beside the driveway but every year it bounces back despite the abuse.  No idea what kind it is and the flowers are very fleeting but they almost glow when at their peak.  Enjoy the picture and I'll try to get back sooner next time!

Happy creating!


  1. Hi Deb!
    It was good readinog you. Your steampunked dirigeable looks like it is out of some of the Japanese anime about the the industrial revolution I watched years ago. Well done!
    As for your rock, I'm sure that you will make something out of it.
    Keep being crafty and creative Deb and take care.

  2. That is a tough rose! I lost 90% of my only rose bush this past winter, and it's against the house besides. Can't wait to see the rock and bird projects finished. The heat really can zap your energy. Hope it cools off some more for you!

  3. The dirigible is very cool...I love anything Steampunked:)

  4. I hear you on the time flying by so fast! Maybe since it has cooled down some your "giddy up" might come riding back in. :) Stay cool down there. :)

  5. Hey girlfriend, you are still one busy bee. Stay cool up there, remember the termination dust will be flying soon.

  6. I understand missing...seems like it hasn't really cooled down until today, but our house might just be overly hot like me. LOL.

    Creativity is brewing in you, it's just taking it's time, and a sip of lemonaide before it shows up again.

    Meanwhile enjoy the maybe rain.



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