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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hand Lettered ATC's

Hello, hope you are all having a lovely Sunday.  The weather has smartened up here a bit and it is warm and mostly sunny today, yay!

I finished my ATC's for this months swap at our Mixed Media Studio, the theme this month was 'Hand Lettering'.  We could use any words or phrases that we wanted but they had to be hand lettered by ourselves.  The first ATC I did was one showcasing the name of our Mixed Media Studio group, which is 'K & C and the Sunshine Girls'. The 'K & C' are for the owners of the group, Kathie and Cherie, and the rest of us are the 'Sunshine Girls' :O)

Initially I was going to use my felt pens or distress markers to colour the ATC but  then decided to paint it using Distress Ink and the Tim Holtz water brush.  I'd not tried that technique before but now I am in LOVE!  The colouring, shading and gradation you can get is amazing and it is super easy.  Just dab some Distress Ink onto your craft sheet, load your water brush with some ink and start painting.

For the second ATC I decided to hand letter the inspirational phrase 'Do what you love'.  It is my mantra these days as I am blessed to be able to make art each and every day, which is definitely what I love to do :O)

I used the same watercolour technique with Distress Ink for this one too, you can see the amazing gradation you can get with one brush load of DI in the tiny hearts on the bottom.  The top heart is the first application and then they gradually fade to a paler colour as the DI gets diluted with more water from the water brush.  Magic!!  (And makes you look like you know what you are doing with no effort at all ;O)

My hand lettering was inspired by several talented folks, I watched a video by MadeByMarzipan:

and by Joanne Fink:

And then also used some of the techniques that I learned while taking Stephanie Ackerman's 'A Whole New Doodle' Ecourse.

Give hand lettering a try, it seems very daunting at first but it's fun once you get going.  And definitely give the Distress Ink watercolouring a go, so fun!  Have a great Sunday everyone and happy creating!



  1. Love your ATC's and those videos for hand lettering look interesting. I've never been very good with a paint brush but I'm willing to give it a try :)

  2. Hand lettering is quite popular-- funny with the printers most folks have today. I used to do calligraphy years ago. Don't think I've done any since my daughter was born-- I used pen and (pink) ink to address all the birth announcements. 10 years ago! Your ATCs are very cute!

  3. Oh Deb, Make another card please...I want the Sunshine Girls one!!! What a beautiful job you did.
    Love the vid, I really suck at lettering :-(

  4. Those are lovely, and it must be fun to be free, and creative.

    Carolyn from A glowing ember was playing with hand lettering a while ago...very inspiring.


  5. Your hand lettering looks fantastic and well done for mastering the watercolour technique with the DIs, you have done a superb job with the shading.

  6. I think it helps to be an artist to be able to do hand lettering, though it is something I wish I could do. I am going to bookmark this post and come back to it someday when I am feeling brave. It would be a wish granted if I could make it work....


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