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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steampunk Dirigible Bird Finish

Hello, hope you are all well.  We've been busy canning the bounty from my FIL's garden this week; dill pickles, stewed tomatoes, bread and butter pickles, salsa ... it is going to be a very tasty winter around here!  We are about to start on our last batch of salsa so thought I'd make a quick post before we get to chopping.

I finally finished up my altered bird for one of the challenges at the Mixed Media Studio.  I had shown you the dirigible I'd made in this post here, but the project came to a grinding halt after that.  I'm not sure why that happens, sometimes I just get stuck and either can't (or don't want to!) carry on with a project.  In the end I think it comes down to a fear of failure, I have a vision in my mind of what I want to create and am afraid I won't be able to make it come to life.  But in the end, you'll never know if you can do it unless you try so I finally gave myself the proverbial 'kick in the pants' and got to finishing it!

Since I had the industrial steam punk feeling going on with the dirigible, I decided to make my bird in the same theme.  He is constructed of muslin painted with gesso and acrylic paints and I used some brown florists tape to make the straps for his goggles and his 'harness'.

I added some vintage 'Par Avion' stickers to the dirigible since he is indeed 'going by air'!

And I also finished the spooky tree for our Mystery Challenge, as Lisa said in a comment on a previous post, this mystery challenge is mysteriously mysterious LOL!

It's made from a wire armature coated with Sculpty clay which I then painted with acrylic paint.  The next stage of the Mystery Challenge is going to be released today sometime so I'll post pics as the project progresses.  Still not sure what the final construct will be but it's fun building the bits and bobs and imagining how they are all going to go together.

So that's it for now, time to get peeling and seeding tomatoes and cutting up veggies for our salsa.  Have a great weekend everyone and happy creating (or canning as the case may be!).



  1. There is no way you ever sleep Deb! Your canning sounds wonderful and the steampunk air machine is awesome, as is your mysteriously mysterious tree! Love how you work with so many different mediums! ~*~Lisa

  2. I agree! You really tackle a lot of different mediums. Very interesting. Love the tree and steampunkiness. Happy canning!

  3. I have projects that I hit a wall on all the time. Someone told me it's because they don't speak to me. Walk away and when they speak to you, you'll finish them. That excuse works for me :)
    I like what you did with that bird and the spooky tree is very cool

  4. I love that bird...he's fabulous:) I should make some salsa as I have tomatoes up to my eyeballs...not literally of course...LOL We have a bumper crop this year.

  5. That is adorable...and it looks like a real metal.

    It's too cute, and that dirgidible word that I can't too cute too.


  6. Love the bird!! I know how you feel about not finishing projects some times. I can't seem to get in my sewing room these days because I want to be outside working enjoying the last days of summer up here. Have fun with your canning. :)

  7. LOVE YOUR BIRD! Such a personality!
    I too am canning up a storm--salsa!
    Thanks for sharing your fun bird!
    Enjoy your evening,

  8. I love that spooky tree! It is fabulous for a Halloween vignette! Hugs!

  9. well look at that fab dirigible. It turned out well and I love that tree.

    armiture from what????? sorry if its a dope question.


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