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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Upcycled Toilet Paper Rolls

Hi everyone, hope this finds you all well.  It's warm and smokey here in the valley, smoke from forest fires up North is drifting down our way but we are lucky to not have any in our back yard right now.  Hopefully that will continue to be the case because it awfully dry in the bush again and no rain is forecast for the foreseeable future.

I finished a couple of toilet paper roll album pages for a swap in our Mixed Media Studio group; there are eight of us in the swap so I am going to be making eight TP roll album pages and sending one to each person in the swap.  They will do the same for me and so in the end we will all end up with an eight different pages to make our albums out of.  I can't wait to see them all, everyone in our group is so talented so I know it is going to be spectacular!  Here is the first page I completed:

And here is the second:

Only six more to go LOL!  We are sending out two pages a week for the next four weeks so I do have a bit of time to get them completed.  Once we have all the pages we will make our own covers for the album if we so desire and bind them together whichever way we'd like.  That's why I haven't punched any holes for binding the pages as each person will decide how they'd like to put the album together.  I'll post pictures as I receive my pages in return, it's like Christmas!

I made the TP roll album pages using tutorials found in a couple of YouTube videos, the first is by KindaKrafty:

And the second one is by Kiala Givehand:

I love YouTube, so many generous people sharing their techniques and projects and you can find tutorials on how to make darn near anything on there.

I am also going to be making some owls from toilet paper rolls for a challenge in our group (are you detecting a trend here?!), so I'll share my parliament when it is completed :O)  I also have to get a move on completing my altered bird doll as well as altering an egg for this months 'I Dare You' challenge.  And then there is this months ATC swap which is to use hand lettering on two ATC's and our ongoing Mystery challenge which is still a complete mystery, hope we will find out what we are making soon!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you are having a creative week.  I'll be back soon so see you then!



  1. Well now how cool is that? Whoda thunk it.....toilet paper rolls.

    Yours turned out great too Deb.

  2. Hi Deb, it is amazing what you can take and make something beautiful out of. Who would have thought, thanks for sharing the tutorial also. hugs, Lecia

  3. Wow-- more great projects! Thanks for the continued inspiration. Yours are great! I'm sure whoever receives them will be happy!

  4. They really turn out great! My hubby told me to start saving them for craft projects. He read that they are doing away with the cardboard center in toilet tissue! Say it's not so! lol Hugs!

  5. Oh they look wonderful Deb. You are having a great time making those, it shows a little...;o)))

    Wishing for rain up your way. Things here on the southern tip of the island are fine, but would dearly love some rain.

  6. I never would have known. Genius! I wish we could send you some of our rain - everything is so green that you'd never guess it was August. We are in the wrong sort of water cycle this summer....

  7. Oh no...another project for my list. *grin* Those are fabulous!


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