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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Spooky Halloween Shadow Box

Hello everyone, one more quick post and project to show you before we hit the road this coming week; I finished the Halloween shadow box project I mentioned in my last post and had to share it with you because I LOVE how it turned out!

I had an old wooden frame that was delaminating and falling apart and I was going to chuck it into the garbage when my mixed media muse tapped me on the shoulder and said 'Keep that, it will come in handy one day'.  And you know what?  She was right!  Here's my spooky Halloween mixed media shadow box that I created with it.

I painted the frame with a slip slap of burnt umber and black acrylic paint and then papered the background with an aged wall paper print and tore bits of it so it looked like it was peeling.  I then started layering on Halloween images from my stash.

I cut the edges of the 'photograph' with some decorative scissors and then tore and curled the edges and painted the border inside and out with some Distress Ink using my water brush.

The clock face had some French advertising on it, so I made up the 'Witching Hour' banner to cover it up and also added the 'spooky' label.  I fussy cut the spider and then mounted it on some pop dots and gently bent the legs and glued them so it looked like she was crawling down from the corner.  Spooky (and kind of creepy!!).

The 'Powdered Crows Beak' is actually some pepper that I put in this little test tube :O)

And for the 'dried & salted bat ears', I cut some little triangles from black card stock, gently folded them to look like bat ears and then wrapped them up in some aged cheesecloth.

Love these 'photographs', they are hilarious aren't they?  They were part of a CD that I got from Crafty Vintage Girl.

The 'aromatic spider eggs for the breath' just breaks me up!  Perhaps that is why Momma Spider is crawling down from the upper corner, we are threatening to eat her kids!!

And it drives me mad when the back of items are left unfinished so I always make sure that mine are completed and have some interest as well.  'Cause you know the first thing we all do when we look at something is turn it around and/or look at the bottom, right?

Thanks to The Graphics Fairy, Vectoria Designs, Crafty Vintage Girl, Lynne Farr, Far Far Hill and others who's names I do not know for their wonderful images.  If anyone recognizes an image of theirs that I have not given credit for, please let me know so I can add your name and my thanks.

So that is it for now my friends, we will be heading out very soon on our holiday so if I don't get back again before we leave, have a great September and I will see you in October when we return.  Have a wonderful creative month and remember, think warm!



  1. You make "junk" beautiful Deb. The shadow box did turn out great. Enjoy your holiday! We will look forward to your return! ~*~Lisa

  2. Every time I visit your blog I am WOWED!! This is beautiful!

  3. Love it! You did a great job. Very clever to add the "actual" ingredients-- they look very realistic. Have a great holiday! Drop us a postcard. Tee hee!

  4. You come up with the best ideas. This is awesome.

  5. That turned out great! You always come up with such neat stuff! Have a good week off and enjoy. :)


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