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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Mummy Nodder

This little mummy nodder was getting really, really, REALLY tired of having to dress up as a mummy each and every Hallowe'en (he didn't really have any other choices!) but this year he decided that he wanted to do something different.

So his Mommy (yes, that would be the mummy's Mommy ;O) made him this lovely pleated clown collar using a black and white damask paper from Crafty Secrets' 'Vintage Halloween' CD;

And also made him this great clown hat with an orange and black diamond paper from the same Crafty Secrets CD.  It is trimmed with some purple and orange fibers and a black and white stitched ribbon, has some friendly ghost and pumpkin stickers on it and also has a tassel on the very top made from black floss.

To complete his outfit there is an aged hang tag, hanging from the rusty bed spring he's sitting on, that has a black cat stamped on it along with the words 'spooky Halloween'.  Don't tell the little mummy, but he really isn't that spooky, he's rather cute don't you think?

He is so happy to have a new costume for Hallowe'en this year (yes, that's a happy mummy face!).

Okay, I know that it is way past time to stop with the Halloween creations for this year and get to work on Christmas but I'm finding it hard to move on, I love Halloween so much.  But I've got a new Christmas celebration with the Old Farmhouse Gathering team coming up soon on Etsy (the theme is 'Brrrrr, It's Cold') and I believe that our Handmade Art Fair Etsy team is going to be having a Christmas Trunk show as well.  So next time I'll show you some new Christmas projects that I have in the works (as long as a new Halloween idea doesn't pop into my head that is!).  Have a great week everyone and happy creating!



  1. You are just coming up with the most awesome Halloween decorations. I love this. I do think he's cute but I won't let on and I"ll pretend he scared me :)

  2. Very nice update! Love the cat tag! I was thinking it's almost time to start the Valentine's creations (but haven't talked myself into that yet!).

  3. I love Halloween too and his new look is great!

  4. I love the mummy's new look, you just think of the most awesome creations. Lecia

  5. What a cutie:) I must get my act in gear and start on some Christmas stuff too.

  6. How adorable! Well I think it is anyways but some of the newest TV shows might be inspiring fear of clowns all over again. :) Thanks for sharing your talent.

  7. I'm just now seeing this! LOVE IT!! If MUMMY isn't happy....nobody's happy!!!


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