Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mysteriously Mysterious Mystery Challenge Revealed!

Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee, welcome my pretties!  Today I will reveal to you the mysteriously mysterious Mystery challenge that we have been working on in our Mixed Media Studio group, it's a;

Haunted Castle

 Are you scared yet LOL?  This was another fun project, created by the very inventive Kathie over at Beyond The Storybook blog.  She sent us digital files to use to create everything, made videos so we could watch her techniques as she constructed it, told us how to make the tree ... she put so much work into this project for us and I can't thank her enough.  I learned so much making it and had a lot of fun.  So come on in for a tour, IF YOU DARE!!

The basic components of the castle were a Pringles can for the tower and I used a bread crumb container (turned upside down) for the portcullis.  Everything was covered with papers and doors and windows cut out.  And then the embellishing began!

The silly green guys are finger puppets that I got at the Dollar Store to add to Halloween grab bags for trick or treaters and I thought they were ghoulish enough to add to the tableau.  I made the 'Danger' sign on PicMonkey and the pumpkins are putka pods, too cute!  A big plastic spider is crawling down the side of the portcullis and the adorable little 'Boo!' cat siting inside on the table with the crystal ball is an image created by Terri Kahrs over at Pringle Hill Studio.  The 'table' itself is a vodka bottle lid (now don't start judging me!) and the crystal ball was a bead from my stash.  Way in the back, inside the tower you can just see a witches hat sitting on top of another table (actually it's a votive that I've covered with some paper tape stamped with the work 'Raven').

The skeleton sitting at the base of the tree was one I got from Alpha Stamps and the 'Run' sign around his neck was made with a graphic from the Alpha Stamps 'Apothecary Book Spines, Covers & More' digital set.  The ghostly old woman and the tombstone are an image I created over on PicMonkey and eeeks! there's another one of those ghoulish green monsters!

The windows all have scary images in them that Kathie provided us with, they are hard to photograph but look very spooky at night when light up from the inside!  I used a tape transfer technique for my window images and Kathie printed her's onto vellum so the light would shine through.  The ghost is another Halloween grab bag item, it's actually an eraser that had a goofy face on it so I just painted over it and mounted it a piece of curled wire so he'd look like he was floating in the air :O)

The bats are more Halloween grab bag erasers tht I painted black (think they were green and orange when I started!) and they are on pieces of curled wire as well so they look like they are flying.  The crenelated top of the castle tower is the plastic lid of the Pringles can and you can just see the 'flame' of the votive light that I've attached to the bottom of it to light up the windows. I am using a piece of 'Tack It Over and Over' putty to keep the votive in place so I can turn it on and off and change the battery as needed.

I told you about how I made the tree in another blog post (click here to see it) and the crow was made from black felt using a pattern that Kathie gave us.

The spider was made from rusty wire and florists tape using a tutorial from Vectoria Designs (hint, hint; sign up for their newsletter to get lots of wonderful freebies, click here for the link!).  She said in her tutorial that she was inspired by an episode of 'Face Off' that she'd watched where they made similar spiders for one of the makeup artist challenges.  He looks quite real and I've suspended him with a piece of black thread so he moves at the slightest breeze :O)

The 'Beware' sign in the tree is one I made at PicMonkey again (can you tell that I love PicMonkey?!).  So there you go, that's the haunted castle tour, it wasn't too spooky was it?  I am going to display it in the front entry in front of a mirror, you can't see it in these photographs but there are two more windows in the back of the tower that have scary images in them.  I tried to photograph the castle in front of the mirror for you but it was too confusing with all the reflections for you to get a clear view.

Thanks for stopping by today and thanks again to Kathie for all the hard work that she put into creating this whole Mystery Challenge for us.  I'll add links to other folks Mystery Challenges as they get them completed, if they post them on their blogs, so you can see how others did theirs; they will all be unique I know!  Have a lovely Sunday and to all my fellow Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Columbus Day to my American readers!



  1. Wow-- very cool and spooky! A lot of work there. Keep forgetting to mention I love your Halloween blog design.

  2. holy ♥WOW♥ what an amazing project, i'm in awe of how much detail you've worked in and how realistic it looks. a total MASTERPIECE! (& again i say, "WOW"!!!) ♥

  3. That is so cool:) It always amazes me how Kathy comes up with all her ideas.

  4. Hi Deb, What a lot of fun you've been having... Love the castle and all it's details. The apothecary tin is wonderful, love the skull feet... or is that heads...;o~

  5. This is a frightfully amazing project. Every last detail screams spooky. Love it

  6. This is truly amazing! The details you've added are extraordinary! I've been perusing your blog and already know I'll be visiting you alot!


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