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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Holiday Is Over

Hello, hope this finds you all well!  We are back from our camping trip up at the lake and a good time was had by all.

We arrived to brilliant blue skies and calm waters with the leaves just starting to turn on the aspens.  The local residents sang their welcome song for us, is there anything more hauntingly beautiful than the call of the loon?

We fished, hiked and lazed around the campfire (that old black kettle has traveled many a mile with us!)

And while we had some rainy days that kept us inside the motorhome, no one seemed to mind too much!

Especially when Mother Nature gave us beautiful scenes like these as the rain lifted and the sun set.

It was starting to get a bit cool at the end of our time up at the lake; you know fall is here when the mists are rising off of the lake each morning when you arise.

And when you find half an inch of ice on top of your wash water in the morning;

and the frost is riming the leaves in the shadows;

you know it's time to head to a slightly lower elevation!  Goodbye Lawrence Lake till next year, thank you for a wonderful stay.

 On our return home, we found we had some visitors who had been enjoying munching on the garden in our abscence :O)

This doe and her twin fawns have been frequent visitors this summer and it was good to see them looking so healthy and fattening up for winter.

The fawns have now lost their spots but certainly not their curiosity!

The rose bush outside the kitchen window is a favourite of theirs and despite their attentions, this rose does wonderfully every year, go figure!

Well, it's time to get working on the pile of laundry from our camping trip; between dirty cloths, wood smoke scented jackets and piles of comforters, the washing machine will be getting a work out!  I'll be back soon with some new 'makes' and will try to get out and about to visit your blogs to see what you've all been up to.  Thanks for visiting and talk soon!



  1. Well I missed your going away post but I'm sure glad you're back.

    Great images. love the reflections.

    glad you had a restful month. the pups looked like they enjoyed themselves.

  2. What a beautiful spot for camping.

  3. Welcome back! From the photos it looks like you picked the perfect month to go to the lake. We haven't been camping in many years ~ there is nothing like a frosty morning around the campfire with a cup of coffee.

  4. Looks gorgeous! Glad to see you back to Blogland.

  5. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!
    Love all the pictures, I wouldn't have wanted to leave.
    Enjoy your posts even though I may not always comment.
    Happy Fall

  6. So glad you had a wonderful trip, the photo's are beautiful. Lecia


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