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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Witches Apothecary Altered Tin

Hello everyone, as promised here are the pictures of the tin that I altered for our Mixed Media Studio Spooky Altered Tin swap.  I didn't have an Altoid tin so scrounged around in my stash and found this round tin that measures about 4" in diameter.  After perusing my digital images, I decided to make a Witches Apothecary tin and I had SO much fun making this!

I first covered the tin with decorative papers and used Graphic 45's 'Steampunk Spells 6 x 6 Patterns & Solids' paper for the top and edged the lid and bottom with some digital papers from the 'Vintage Halloween' CD from Crafty Secrets.  The inside edge of the bottom portion of the tin was covered with digital paper from the same CD as was the very bottom of the tin.  The fabulous skull beads that I used on the top and as feet came from Alpha Stamps and I created the labels on the top of the lid on PicMonkey.

A witches apothecary tin wouldn't be complete without a potion book and some ingredients so you can cast your spells, so I made up a little book and added some spooky potion ingredients.

The image inside the top cover of the tin was a vintage Halloween costume picture that I found online.  It's terrifying!  If I'd dressed up like that as a kid on Halloween, I wouldn't have slept for weeks LOL!  The spells & magic potion book was created using images from Alpha Stamps 'Apothecary Book Spines, Covers and More' digital set with some additional images from Alpha Stamps 'Witches Apothecary Cabinet' digital set and images from the Crafty Secrets 'Vintage Halloween' CD.

I had a hoot making the potion ingredients.  I used some small test tubes that I got from Paper Whimsy quite a while ago and used a square of aged muslin for a couple of the other 'ingredients'.  The image inside the bottom of the tin is another vintage photograph, this one is of a skeleton riding a bicycle, it's hilarious!

The labels for the various potion ingredients came from Alpha Stamps 'Potions and Poisons' digital setVectoria Designs 'Animal Apothecary Labels' and a freebie from Lynne Farr.  I used some ground black pepper for the 'powdered crow's beak', a few wisps of fiber fill stuffing for the 'bottled ghosts' and my favourite was using some laundry detergent that I tinted green with Distress Stain for the '1000 year old gargoyle drool'; it has the perfect creepy colour and consistency, I love it!  The 'dried & salted bat ears' are snippets of black cardstock that I coated with modge podge and then sprinkled with salt (they were to be salted after all ;O) and I can't reveal the ingredients in the 'potion X', I've been sworn to secrecy by the Icky Potion Supply Co. LOL!

This was such a fun project and I hope that my swap partner, who ever that will be, will love it as much as I do.  It's one of those projects that you really, really don't want to part with but I know that whatever I get in return will be just as wonderful.

I also took pictures of the Mystery Challenge Halloween castle but I'll save those pictures for tomorrow, I think I've kept you for long enough today!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and see you again tomorrow.  Happy creating!



  1. oh I love this, it is amazing!!!

  2. Too clever for words!! Love it! Your interior additions are imaginative and so well done. Mind me asking what you used to adhere the paper the the box?

  3. Beautiful job as always Deb. I think we are all leaning toward apothecary.

  4. oh my, this is fabulous. So much detail in this project, it's just simply amazing. I love that little spell book that you made for the inside too


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