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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

A Quick Little Project

Happy hump day everyone!  Hope your week is going well.  It's been rainy and cloudy here with the occasional glimpse of the sun but no snow so I am not complaining!

I finished up some mug rugs for our Mixed Media Studio group's 'Christmas Gift A Week' challenge.  We've been challenged to create one quick and simple Christmas gift each week to get us ready for the upcoming holidays.  This week I decided to make some mug rugs using a tutorial that our team leader Kathie had posted on her blog (click here to go and view it).  After watching Kathie whip through constructing her mug rug I thought 'Well that looks easy' so off I went to peruse my fabric stash .... and that's when the trouble started!

I started to pull out fabrics, and then more fabrics, and then MORE fabrics ... if you are a quilter you have a good eye for which colours and patterns coordinate well, I am NOT a quilter!  Over an hour went by before I finally had the fabrics to make five mug rugs.  Then, I had to cut out six 5" squares to make each little mug rug.  Once again, if you are a quilter this would be a piece of cake for you but I am NOT a quilter!  I cut, I ironed, I cut again, I ironed again, I laid out the mug rugs, I realized that they would be reversed when I turned them so I laid them out again, I sewed them, I trimmed them, I turned them and I ironed them again ... by the time all was said and done over six hours had passed and I FINALLY had five mug rugs completed.  I was exhausted!!

I do have to admit that by the time I was putting number five together that things were going much more smoothly and that if I ever decide to make more of them (which at this point in time is highly UNlikely :O) that they'd go together quicker.  As is true for every new endeavour that you attempt, there is a steep learning curve.  And to all you quilters out there, I am even more in awe of your talents and patience than I was before!  These little guys are very simple and uncomplicated compared to what you do, I can't even begin to imagine trying to make a full size bed quilt!!

So that was my quick and easy Christmas Gift Of The Week for this week, ha!  Not sure what I'll be doing for next week but I'm pretty darn sure it will not involve any sewing :O)

And speaking of sewing, I received my 'What Do You See' pattern from Norma for another of our Mixed Media Studio groups swaps.  Norma doodles up these amorphous shapes and then we are to make something from the pattern (without altering it) depending upon what we see in the shape.

What do you see?  I've got the pattern sewn and stuffed and have started on my vision, can't show you pics yet since I don't know if my swap partner wants to be surprised or not by what I create, but I'll post pictures when I can :O)

I also have a shoe in mid transformation, take a peek at this blog post here to see what Kathie did with hers.  Wonderful right?!  Mine is still in the early stages but will post a picture of it when I'm done.  Who knew you could alter a shoe?!

Must get off the computer and start to clean up the 500 pieces of fabric I pulled yesterday when making those mug rugs!!  Have a great rest of the week and happy creating!



  1. Love your mug rugs what a great gift idea, and I look forward to seeing what you have created with that pattern
    Kevin xx

  2. I am the same way when it comes to putting fabrics together for a project. I have never been good at doing that.
    your mug rugs look great though.
    I'm really curious to see what you did with that shape. I'm looking at it and seeing

  3. You did a great job on your mug rugs!
    I keep seeing a squirrel in that shape!
    I think I'm nuts ;)

  4. Very funny about the "quick and ez" project. I think we've all experienced that! They look nice though! I hate to admit this, but that shape looks like Squidward from SpongeBob in profile (too much kids' TV in my life!).

  5. You made me tired just reading

    shoes??????????ok now I'm curious.

  6. I love all of your projects, they always turn out beautifully.

    And thanks so much for being so understanding about my lack of comments's so frustrating not being able to be at the computer as much as I would like.


  7. Hi Deb, love your mug rugs, and can't wait to see what you create with the pattern. Lecia

  8. Great mug rugs Deb. Thanks for the link to Kathie's tutorial. Even though it took most of the day, the results are perfect. It might be something I need to think about too...;o))

  9. Hi and thanks for visiting me, the pattern is very interesting it reminds me of one of those horns with a squeezy ball of air that when squeezed makes a tooty sound. The bit sticking out at the bottom looks like the handle.
    Otherwise it might be a tree if you stand it up, the round part is the top and the other bit is a branch, crazy or what Lol!
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  10. That pattern looks fun to me! I wonder what you see and what you'll make. Can't wait to see your mug rugs. I'm so ready for Christmas pretties! Hugs, Diane

  11. I see the cute mug rugs now! You did a great job on them. I need to make some for Christmas! Sweet hugs!

  12. I think your project turned out beautiful! I love the fabrics you coordinated together.


  13. Gosh Deb - how do you do it all! Well done on the mug rugs - and all the new pretties. Looking good!

  14. Well, they really are lovely! And good for you for persevering - it isn't the easiest thing, quilting, but you have done a great job with these. Looking forward to the next best thing....


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