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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Got Snow?

Hello everyone and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the U.S.  Hope that you are enjoying a wonderful day surrounded by family and friends and are getting stuffed plumb full of turkey!

It's been a tad snowy around here, this is what we awoke to yesterday morning:

The picture is a bit dark since I took it in the wee hours of the morning, after driving down to the highway in our 4x4 truck to pick up my poor DH, who was coming home from work in the car.  He managed to make it as far as the bottom of the road up to our home but that was it, no way was the poor old Fluffernugin (aka Volkswagon Jetta!) going to make it up a steep hill through this:

Yep, that would be 11 1/2" of snow!  And not nice fluffy snow, it was heavy, sticky and wet.  My back is barking at me today after all the shoveling yesterday let me tell you!  It is melting like crazy today which would normally be a good thing but an Arctic front is blowing in and our temperatures are going to drop to about -15C (about 5 F) over the weekend so we will have a skating rink outside in a few days, oh joy!  Remember how I was waxing poetic about the first snow of the year in my last post?  I'm over it already LOL!

The What Do You See pattern doll that I made for our Mixed Media Studio group from this pattern:

made it to my swap partner, so I can share a picture of my finished angel with you now.

She turned out pretty darn cute in the end I think and my swap partner likes her, which is the most important thing.  Two other creations have been posted so far to the group, one was a cat and the other was a red cardinal bird.  I didn't see either of those critters in the pattern and love how everyone sees and creates something different.  This was a fun swap and I hope that Norma will come up with another pattern for us in the future so we can do it again :O)

I also finished a birthday gift for my Mom (her birthday is on November 29th) but she hasn't received it yet so I can't show you my finish.  The tracking on the parcel shows that it is getting close to being delivered to her, so hopefully I'll be able to share pictures with you in a day or two.  It turned out so great, I hope she will like it :O)

Well I should get off the computer, it is my DH's birthday today (Happy Birthday Babe! xoxo) and we are going to do what he loves best; head off up the mountain with our snowshoes and the pups and build a bonfire and roast a birthday sausage or two!  Hope you have a wonderful day doing what you love best too, we will talk again soon!



  1. Happy Birthday to your husband. A birthday sausage sounds like a great way to celebrate :)
    Love your angel. She turned out really cute.
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. Well, I can love, love, love the snow as we never get any here in Melbourne!

  3. P.S. Happy Birthday to your dear husband again.

  4. Love your post, especially the part about going off into the mountains and doing what you love to do. Simple and meaningful is always best. ;o))) We might get a touch of the white stuff here on Saturday, maybe. Would be fun to have just a dusting while we're at the Sparkle Parade here in Sidney. Would give the Christmas Season a good festive start....... Thanks for the snowy pics.... ;o)))

  5. we got about 6". hope you have a good time in the great outdoors, enjoy.

  6. The first photo is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing

  7. Almost 12" of snow? No, thank you. How nice you saw an angel in that shape (much more mature than seeing Squidward!!). I really like her hair! Have fun celebrating bdays!

  8. Yep! We got snow! and more coming down!! My dog wants no part of the great outdoors and strains the leash to get back in and there's a good 6" accumulating on the windowsills already.
    Stay warm :)


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