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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Little Valentine Love

Hello everyone, how's your week going?  I've been busy here making some new items for my Etsy shop and also working on some swaps for our Mixed Media Studio group.  Time is flying by as usual, where has the month of January disappeared to (she asks in a very bewildered tone of voice)?!

I made up some more of my Valentine heart bowl fillers to list on Etsy; I've done these before but have run out of the beautiful toile fabric I used in the past so changed these ones up a bit.

The concept remains unchanged but for these I used some image transfer paper to add the wording to the torn muslin strips and also added a rusty bell to each heart.  I kept the adorable vintage Valentine image on the hang tag the same, as I love that image so much (thanks Graphics Fairy!).  They are available here in my Etsy shop if you are interested in them.  I have more new items coming soon so stay tuned :O)

I also finished up my February banner for a year long banner swap that we are doing at the Mixed Media Studio.  We will be making a 6" x 9" banner each month, from now till December, that we will be swapping with the others who have signed up.  We will each make our own hangers to display them and the banners will be themed for each month. This first banner is for February (so our swap partner will be able to display it for a whole month) and since February means Valentine's Day, that was the inspiration for my design.

I used the same burgundy and cream print fabric that I used for the Valentine heart bowl fillers above and backed it with some cotton quilt batting, cutting the edge with pinking shears (thanks to Tammy Tutterow for that cute idea!).  I blanket stitched around the edge of the largest heart and then edged the inner heart and the stitching along the edge of the banner itself with some red glitter glue.  The central heart is a vintage Valentine image cropped from a heart courtesy of Far Far Hill and the background sheet music image is from Knick Of Time.  I used image transfer paper to adhere the central heart to some cotton muslin.  I added some heart buttons and a gold heart charm that I coloured with red pepper alcohol ink and called it done.  We aren't adding any way to hang or display the banner, since each person is designing their own hanger and they will add either rivets or loops or a hanging sleeve to the back of the banner after they receive them, depending on how they choose to display it.

And in keeping with the Valentine theme, here's a pic of one of our hairy woodpecker's chowing down on the suet feeder, he and his downy woodpecker buddies quite enjoy this treat!

The chickadees occasionally stop by for a nibble but it is the woodpeckers that are on the suet feeder the most, the chickadees prefer the black sunflower seeds in our other feeder.  As you can see by the thermometer in the picture, it is pretty darn nice around here for January, we usually have much colder temperatures so despite the mountains of snow, we can't complain.  At least we can get out and enjoy the snow, when it's 20 below it's not quite so enjoyable LOL!

Well I best sign off and get back to work on my other finishes; I have been promising pictures of my January fan blade and while all the bits and bobs have been decided upon, they haven't been glued in place yet so I still can't show it to you.  Tomorrow (she says hopefully??!) I hope to show it to you :O)  Have a lovely evening and I'll be back soon, happy creating!



  1. Everything is lovely-- even the woodpecker!! Really like that fabric on the hearts-- perfect scale!!

  2. I really enjoyed this! your hearts are so pretty!

  3. Very very pretty :) Talk of Valentines makes me think of spring.

  4. Yes the time just flies by doesn't it. I have the same type of suet feeder! And my Boreal Chickadees just love it!

  5. It's hard to believe it will be Valentines day before we know it. I like the bowl fillers and the banner is great. I like the idea of the batting for the backing and cutting it with pinking shears.


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