Saturday, January 24, 2015

Feel The Rain

Hello, how's your Saturday going?  It's raining here again today which is just fine by me.  While it might be a little grey and a little damp, the warm (for us) weather is a welcome respite from the usual January deep freeze.

I made another postcard for the Sunday Postcard Art blog challenge (just squeaking it in under the wire!) and the prompt this week was:


Who amongst us doesn’t love a good quote or two? So this week we’d like to see your postcard depict a favourite quote…..

Now perhaps the weather had something to do with my choice, but when I saw this quote it really resonated with me and Tim Holtz's 'Umbrella Man' stamp seemed to be the perfect accompaniment.

The original quote has been attributed to the musician Roger Miller ( he of 'King of the Road' fame), and there are a couple of versions of the quote out there, but this seems to be the original quote according to Quote Investigator.

Thanks for stopping by today and if it's raining in your neck of the woods, get out there and feel it!  Happy creating,



  1. This is a great postcard. I love it. It is raining here but since it's actually freezing rain I think I'll just stay inside

  2. Really nice! I like the way you edged it. No rain here-- maybe snow today.

    1. Hey-- the weather is making a liar out of me-- it IS raining!!

  3. Good quote! Thanks for sharing. Just snow up here finally. :)

  4. Very cool postcard! We had some torrential rain the past couple of days, and boy, did I feel it! Love the quote; love your work here!


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