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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Howdy folks, do I have everyone humming the 'Rawhide' theme song now after reading my blog title LOL?!

Sorry about that, it will be stuck in your brain for weeks now :O)

I finished rolling up all of my paper beads for our Mixed Media Studio 'I Dare You Challenge' for January, and other than some fingering cramping they were pretty easy to do.  I used scraps of scrapbooking paper in colours of brown and green as I wanted to make a charm bracelet, using the puzzle piece charms:

and the altered domino charm:

that I had made for the November and December 'I Dare You Challenges'.  Here is the finished charm bracelet.

My paper beads are more than a little bit wonky, keeping them straight and centered is a bit of an art I think, and all I had to seal them with was some gloss varnish (note to self, get some Diamond Glaze!) but all in all it turned out well.  I strung everything onto a piece of coated wire and added a lobster claw clasp and some jump rings to close it.  As I've said repeatedly before, I'm not a jewelry maker so those of you who are will be shuddering at how I attached the closure mechanism (I just twisted the wire and shoved it back into the last paper bead) but it worked so was good enough for me LOL!

So that's one more project crossed off the list, I'm rather proud of myself for finishing up two already this month, usually it's a last minute scramble!  My fan blade will be done later today or tomorrow as well so I'll post pics of it for you soon.  Thanks for stopping by and keep on rollin'!



  1. Super! Adding the "charms" was a great idea. I've used Mod Podge on paper beads. Worked well.

  2. Um, yeah, I will be humming that tune all day now :) That's a great looking bracelet. I actually like the wonky look of your paper beads. I think it gives them more character

  3. This looks fantastic, Deb! I love the look of the puzzle pieces and the beads are so cool. When you bring it all together it simply clicks! Nice finish ")

  4. So, so pretty! I love the key charm and those paper beads were worth the effort.... Rolling rolling rolling along!

  5. love it! and yes, Rawhide is stuck in my head now!!

  6. I have an unopened box of dominoes, plans for amazing mixed media projects. Ask me when that will happen. lol... For now I will have to live that vision through you. I always love to see what you're working on. Can't wait to see what's next...


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