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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Heat Is On

Hello blogging peeps, hot enough for you?  It's a scorcher here right now, new high temperature records are being set all over southern B.C.  I've been out in the garden in the mornings while it's still relatively cool but by noon it's time to sit in the shade with a cool glass of lemonade or head on down to the studio to get out of the heat.  The Big Dog is NOT a happy camper, he's a cold weather hound and does not like the heat.  As it's only June, I'm afraid he's in for a long, hot summer poor guy.

I finished up a couple of more swap items for our Mixed Media Studio group.  The first project was the banner for our monthly banner swap - June to me means Father's Day and the start of camping and fishing season so those were the inspirations I used to make my banner.

I used a masculine plaid fabric for the background and then transferred the vintage image of these two gents admiring their catch onto some unbleached muslin.

I then backed the picture with a piece of burlap and sewed on some vintage buttons from my stash.  Since the pictures theme was fishing, I then dug through our tackle box and found a couple of fishing flies and a lure to embellish the bottom of the banner.

Hee-hee, I love how it turned out!  And yes, I did cut off the hook ends of the lures, don't want my swap partner to catch herself :O)

The next swap project was to make a faux embossed metal box using a small jewelry box, some glue and tinfoil.

Love how this turned out, it's fun and easy to do, check out the 'how to' tutorial here:

I used some black acrylic paint to age mine rather than shoe polish and it worked like a charm, love how it has a tarnished silver appearance.  And what better to put into a butterfly themed box than some butterflies?

Embossed butterflies, punched butterflies, stamped butterflies, die cut butterflies - they are all in there.  In a lovely twist of fate, it turns out that my partner for this swap has rather a soft spot in her heart for butterflies, I love it when stuff like that happens!

I'm working on some projects for the multitude of June challenges that began at the start of the month, so I'll post some pictures as I get them completed.  In the meantime, I'll leave you with a picture of some of the lovely columbine flowers that are bursting out all over our property, such beautiful flowers and they come in all colours of the rainbow.  Ain't Mother Nature grand?

Have a great week everyone and happy creating!



  1. Your banner is great. Masculine themed projects always seem harder to do. That box turned out really nice.. Try and stay cool. It's been nice here but not overly hot yet

  2. Oh I'm squealing with delight! They are awesome, Deb! I want to try these so much!
    Have a great week!

  3. Great projects and lovely flowers too! Stay cool-- we're heating up here.

  4. What great projects!!! Love that little foil box!!! The banner is super cool, what a perfect gift for a fishing lover!

  5. Fabulous projects Deb. Love the image on your wall hang, I just love fishing!! Beautiful butterfly box, the hot glue is so great for adding texture and the metallic finish is awesome!! Stay cool. hugs :)

  6. love the wall hanging with the burlap and those gorgeous rusty bells ! x

  7. I adore your image transfer onto the muslin, so gorgeous, really a beautiful hanging! I adore the butterfly metal box! Awesome technique! Have a super day!

  8. Beautiful creations Deb! That flower (Columbine?) is gorgeous!

    1. Thank you Kelly and the columbine are so pretty, they don't last long but the yard is alive with colour when they are in bloom!

  9. Wonderful creations Deb!!! I really love the box ~ so many designs you can do!!! Your swap partners must be excited to get you as a partner!!!
    Oh I love columbine flowers ~ so wish their blooms would last longer!
    Happy June days to You!

  10. Oh, you had me at the rusty bells and the plaid! I love your beautiful hanging, especially the fishermen, that is a great picture! Anne xx

  11. FABULOUS creations, Deb!! I love your faux metal embossed box, but I completely ADORE the Father's Day banner you made!! You just solved my dilemma of what to make/create for my Dad this year!! This is AWESOME!! And Oh Yes--Mother Nature is grand :) I love your Columbines :) I've got them, too :) :) Happy Weekend!! XOXO-Shari


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