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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Junk Journal Obsession

Hello blogging peeps, hope this finds you well!  I've been working like mad on a new obsession (like I needed another one :O), junk journals!

While I was combing through my stash to find paper remnants for the matchbook notebooks I made for my Mom, I realized that I had a WHOLE lot more paper and scraps than I'd ever be able to use up making little matchbooks!  Hmm, what to do?  I headed over to YouTube to see if I could get some inspiration and just happened to have a video by ZucchiniKitty entitled 'Journal' suggested to me in my feed.  I clicked on the link to take a peek and when I did said "OMG, how did I not know about junk journals before?!"  I started searching YouTube and in short order found many wonderful junk journal tutorials by Ephemeras Garden, Ashmita Roy and Jen of Eve Designs to name but a few.  After watching several videos, I took bits and pieces from each of them and started on my journey to make my own junk journal.

Have to admit it's been a steep learning curve, I've made many mistakes and learned a lot but I am having so much fun!  This is definitely a work in progress; although I only added 3 smallish signatures to my junk journal, I still have many pages to complete.  It has become a true obsession and I have to tear myself away from my studio as I've been spending hours on end putzing away on it!  I do have some photos to share with you if you'd like to take a peek, come on and we'll do a flip through. (Just be warned, it's a very picture heavy post!)

A few cover details - a Found Relatives card on the front coloured with Distress markers and I tore the back off of the card to layer behind it (not sure where I first read about that tip but thank you to whomever came up with it!).  I layered an Alpha Card on top of the cabinet card along with a Fragment Finding that was aged with alchohol ink and backed with some Wallflower paper (Tim Holtz's tinted vision fragments technique, Compendium of Curiosities Vol. I, page 55).  The 'first prize' medallion was made from accordion folded aged paper and I added some tissue tape and lace to the edge of the cover.  Beads and a 'Unique' muse token were tied to the signature binding threads, I chose the unique token as this book will definitely be one of a kind!

You will note that the elastic loop closure is on the front cover ... not my original intent but that's what happens when you don't pay attention to the orientation of your inside cover papers!!  The papers used on the covers both front and back are by Vectoria Designs.  I will add a link to all of the designers whose papers and elements I used in this junk journal at the end of this post but I'm unsure of the provenance of some of the fragments in my stash.  If you recognize any of your designs and I haven't acknowledged you let me know and I will add a link to your site.

Back cover and yes, this is where the elastic loop should be inserted, doh!

I used ZucchiniKitty's method of using a piece of printed cardstock as the 'cover' for each of my signatures and then filled the inside pages with coffee stained copy paper and bits of printed papers from my stash that I also coffee stained.  My neighbours are now totally convinced that I am truly mad as I was outside for hours spraying paper with coffee and then hanging them on the clothesline to dry :O)  I used hinge clips adorned with snippets of stained crinkle ribbon for some of the journaling cards and also finger painted the cardstock on each signature with some gesso in preparation for painting or stenciling or whatever else I decide to do.

The butterfly image in the picture above was the embossing powder that was transferred onto a piece of newsprint after I did Tim Holtz's blended batik technique (Compendium of Curiosities Vol. I, page 36) on an envelope that I made to use in the journal.  After I lifted the newsprint off of the envelope, I wondered if the embossing powder transferred to it would leave a distinct enough image to be seen?  So I coloured the newsprint with some Vintage Photo distress ink and voila, there it was!  I roughly tore the image from the newsprint and adhered it to the cardstock with some matte Mod Podge; two, two, two images from one :O)

Did some second generations stamping here and there and added a banner and an alcohol ink stained mirrored star to a paper clip to hold the journal card on the left hand page.  I will be further embellishing each of the pages with some artwork but haven't even begun to think about that yet!

I created a tuck spot for another journal card on the opposite page with layered elements and then added the button made from cardstock and chipboard packaging (see the tutorial by delygirl1961 here) to the bottom to act as a stop.

I coloured an envelope with Distress stain and stenciled it with Tim Holtz's 'Tracks' stencil and made an envelope liner with a stash paper remnant.  I made a cardstock wallet to put inside it for journaling or ephemera and secured the wallet with a circular paper clip tied with crinkle ribbon.

The buttons card was just crying out for some real buttons so I sewed some on!

Made another journaling tag tuck spot using the clock from Tim Holtz's Thrift Shop ephemera pack and added some clock hands with a brad.  The coffee splatter was stenciled using the negative die cut from a Scribbles and Splat die.  And I love how the froggy ATC image from Ephemera's Vintage Garden coordinates so perfectly with the images on the digital paper from Far Far Hill!

The 'secret garden' and poppy pods were stenciled using a PaperArtsy ELB 004 stencil and I made another journal card tuck spot using an 'Admit One' ticket.

Made a belly band to hold a large #8 hang tag, haven't quite decided how I'm going to embellish the tag yet.

Made an envelope from some more coffee stained copy paper to hold some treasures.  I love that little owl stamp, it's been in my stash forever.

Here's the envelope I made using Tim's blended batik technique, love how it turned out!

I sprayed the envelope with a walnut stain spray before stamping and embossing it and lined it with more paper remnants from my stash.  This third signature has been covered with some beautiful collage papers courtesy of Astrid's Artistic Efforts, thank you Astrid!

I've just started to embellish the third signature; in this signature I added a sealed legal size envelope with both ends cut open to act as a spot to tuck journaling cards.

And for the back 'cover' of this signature, I made an envelope using a Sizzix 'Pocket with scallop edge' die which happens to be the perfect size for a #5 hang tag.  I stenciled the tag using the negative from Tim Holtz's bird branch die and then stamped it with that great sentiment from his Life Quotes stamp set.

So that's as far as I've gotten with the junk journal so far, I absolutely love it and can't wait to see how it evolves over time.

I've also been working on a little mini file folder journal that I first saw on Astrid McLean's blog and that was inspired by a YouTube tutorial by ThePaperAddiction.  It's not too far along as yet but I'll share some pictures in a day or two as I think I've kept you more than long enough today!  Thanks as always for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.  Happy creating!

Deb xo

Image and paper sources used in this junk journal:

Vectoria Designs
Ephemera's Vintage Garden
Astrid's Artistic Efforts
Far Far Hill 
Big Brown Dog - Digital Antiques
Crafty Secrets
Cathe Holden
Wings Of Whimsy

If you recognize any of your images that have not been credited in this list, please contact me and I will add a link to your site.  Thanks to all of the generous artists out there sharing their beautiful images and papers!


  1. Deb - Gorgeous work! Love it!


  2. Great job! A lot of work there. Will be looking at some of those links. Thanks!

  3. Truly inspiring! You've created this book from scratch? That is amazing looking! I think I gotta give this junk thing a try. I come across so much "junk"...I haven't tossed it all. This type of journal would be a great place to collect that kind of stuff. Love this! Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thanks Annie! Have fun making your junk journal but fair warning, it's very addictive! Deb xo

  4. Wow Deb, this looks amazing ! I've not come across junk journalling before but I sure am intrigued but it now ! Fantastic ! Sue C x

  5. Holy smokes!!!! This is awesome. I absolutely love how you put things together.

  6. Deb, this is great. We can all tell how passionate you are about making this fantastic junk journal. I can't wait to see the finish project.
    By the way, thank you.

    1. Thanks Arlette, it's been a lot of fun and the finished project will be months in the making I am sure LOL! Thanks again for your kind words about me on your blog, very much appreciated and I will reciprocate shortly! Deb

  7. Wow, I love your junk journal, you can just take anything and make it into a treasure. And don't you just love you tube, you can learn how to do anything. Thanks for sharing, hugs, Lecia

  8. Wow Deb, you really put a lot of work and TLC into this one!! It's like some wonderfully vintage journal discovered on a dark and dusty shelf at the back of the library, where nobody ever goes, one that you just know is going to be filled with all kinds of historical treasures!! Doh, sorry, my mind does tend to wander! HAHAHA!! It's just fantastic Deb! big hugs to you.

  9. Oh my gosh Deb - what a terrific art project - I'm looking here before heading off to church - and so I will have to come back to look at each beautiful page later today - what a wonderful journal - LOVE the look of it!!! Julia xx

  10. I can see how that would take you away for hours. When I made my coffee filter album to include the dolls for a gallery show based on Marie Antoinette, it was the same thing. Just hours of fun...Keep going Deb, you've found another outlet and it's working for you.

  11. What a great idea and it turned out so nice! :)

  12. This is such an incredible labour of love Deb, it is fab-u-lous! You have put so much care an attention into this I can see why it has become an obsession - keep it up is all I can say, your work is fantastic... Hugs, Anne xx

  13. So much work Deb but definitely worth it, this is gorgeous.
    Happy crafting, Angela x

  14. Oh Deb what a labour of love with stunning results and fab attention to detail. I am in the middle of also altering a book from a Charity shop and it is as you say rather addictive.
    Hope you have had a great weekend, a gorgeous sunny day here in Scotland today.
    Julie x

  15. Simply magnificent, Deb - it's so clear how much fun you've been having, and the results speak for themselves. I love all the pockets and wallets and tabs and tags and envelope - so much fabulous interactivity. And great images, stamping, stencilling, detailing throughout - what joy this must have given you in the making, and will continue to give you as you fill it with thoughts and ideas.
    Alison xx

  16. I am so in love with this. I read the post yesterday and it's all I can think about. Can you buy something to get you started? I think I'll do a search on Etsy. Any tips on what to search for. I don't have a lot of scrapbooking supplies so I need something started. You are amazing my friend. Sweet hugs, Diane

    1. So glad you have been inspired Diane! I just sent you an email and hope it will answer some of your questions, email me if you have any more questions, I'm happy to help (but be warned this is a very addicting pass-time LOL!). Deb xo

    2. Just what I need....another addicting hobby! haha! But I am excited to do something and appreciate the wonderful email! Have fun! Sweet hugs, Diane

  17. Deb this is absolutely gorgeous, I've not heard of this before, but I will have to check it out. Enjoy your creating xx

  18. Wow I really do love your junk journal -- I want to make one and don't have a clue where to start!
    Sandy xx

  19. WOWIE Deb!! This is a FABULOUS 'junk journal'...But I can't see how this could be called a junk journal, it's just too spectacular to be considered 'junk'!! Each page you shared is wonderful and I can understand how you can spend so many hours creating this unique journal--every page is a story of its own! Just a wonderful post--I like all of the photos you've shared of your process of piecing everything together, Deb!1 Can't wait to see your next 'junk journal'!!
    (ps--sorry I'm so behind in coming by and visiting. I'm just a little busy bts here at home, but I'll get around to all of your posts and love you up!!) :) :) XOXO-Shari


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