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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Home Again, Home Again

Hello, we are back from our camping holiday and have finally finished unpacking the truck and camper and have all of the laundry done, amazing how much laundry you accumulate when camping!  Hope this finds you all well, we had a fun if slightly chilly time up at the lake; the temperatures were well below freezing every night and we had days full of wind, sleet and hail but also days full of sunshine and beautiful fall weather.  This time of year you definitely learn to take the good with the bad when camping!

We went old school this year and took the truck and camper and our little boat trailer.

It was a bit cramped with the two of us and three dogs inside the camper but we managed just fine, made it very cozy!  The lake we ended up staying at was called Dot Lake and we caught and released lots of lovely, fat rainbow trout.

The lake is up on a high plateau (over 1400 meters or 4600 feet) and is surrounded by many other little lakes, so it is an area we will definitely return to to explore some more.  Think we will visit a little earlier in the year next time though, in hopes it might be a little warmer!

The cool weather definitely got me in the mood to make some winter crafts and in between laundry loads I've been working on some folk art and primitive snowman creations.  This first make is a light made with one of the vintage wooden cheeseboxes that I've been hoarding saving!

I glued an electric faux candle into the cheesebox and then stuffed it full of red and white ticking stripe stars, a snowman and lots of greenery, pinecones and pip berries.

I added a rusty metal star to the front of the box and then made the label on the computer and coated it with UTEE and cracked it to simulate an old, worn vintage porcelain tag.

I made the snowman's nose and the lumps of 'coal' for his mouth from oven baked clay and gave him some mismatched button eyes.  A little Sno-Tex was added here and there with a few flakes of mica to finish off the cheesebox light.

I'm also working on a folk art standing snowman, he is coming along well and should be ready for his final pics tomorrow or the next day.  Here's a little sneak peek of him :O)

He's too cute, love his sweet expression!  I've also got a Santa door hanger cut out and waiting to be stuffed as well as a little Christmas bird ornie, I've definitely got the holiday crafting bug!

I'll try and get out and about to visit your blogs soon, I'm sure you've all been creating up a storm and I can't wait to see what you've been up to.  Have a great week everyone, it's good to be back, I missed you all!  Happy creating,

Deb xo


  1. welcome back!! You camp like we do!!!!
    Your winter creations are beautiful!!!

  2. Wow, do your camp pics bring back great memories! Love your prims and can't wait to see how your snow guy turns out!

  3. Nice to have you back Deb. Looks like a piece of paradise to me. They always say to keep close together to keep warm, so it sounds like you did that Love the new autumn project, my favourite time of year... ;o)

  4. Love the photos Deb, the trees behind the lake look amazing - pleased you had a lovely (if cramped) time! The Autumn project is an absolute delight and I look forward to seeing the finished snowman, he is adorable. Hugs, Anne xx

  5. Hi Deb, so glad you had a wonderful time camping, the lake is beautiful!!! Love your snowman cheesebox creation and the standing snowman. I love snowmen because they can stay out all winter. hugs, Lecia

  6. Great pics! Nice to see you back. Love the cheese box decoration-- old wood is so "scrumptious!"

  7. Oh..your camping trip looks like it was so relaxing! Love your new creations!

    1. It was a great getaway Wendy, no electricity, cell phone service or internet/wifi - heaven! Thanks for your kind words on my snowmen :O) Deb xo

  8. Welcome back. I've been looking forward to your return. I've missed seeing all your wonderful creations. Looks like you're right back in the swing of things. I love the cheese box light. The snowman is adorable. The folk art snowman is pretty cute too. Can't wait to see the whole thing

  9. I forgot to mention what a beautiful spot that is for camping. It looks so peaceful. I don't know if I would have liked the chilly nights but that sure is some view

  10. Well, those photos make me feel quite jealous, so, so beautiful!! So serene, just what one needs before this busy time of year! Your creations look fantastic, so clever!!

  11. Looks like you found a magical spot to set up camp... like Astrid, I'm definitely envious! And your cheese box snowman is just wonderful... I'm having a tough time deciding which of the two projects I love more. I really like the ticking stars alongside the rusty one, and that cheeky face peeking out, and it looks fabulous all lit up. Brilliant!
    Alison xx

  12. YAY!! Welcome back from camping, Deb!! I know I'm a bit late in getting around here to love you up some!! :) :) It's just been a little hectic for me of's nice to start my morning with visiting your blog and looking at all of the crafty wonderfulness you've been creating!!
    I LOVE this lighted box--soooo clever!! The mismatched button eyes on the snowman's head are darling!! And I love the cracked label you made! Fabulous!! I can't wait to see what else you've got going on!! XOXO-Shari


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