Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Seasons Change

Hello, hope this finds you all well!  I woke up this morning to a sure sign that the season's they are a-changing, snow!  Just a few days ago my hubby, Haley The Hound Dog and I were out for a ride on our ATV's, enjoying some unseasonably warm weather and the beautiful colours of the fall foliage.

But this morning it was a very different picture indeed, snowy flakes were softly falling and all the world was white.

Time to dig out the snow boots and shovels!

Haley and I decided to go out for a walk and ran into some of the neighbours who were out enjoying the fresh fallen snow as well.

At first I couldn't figure out why this doe seemed to be so accepting of our presence, she wandered about a bit but didn't make any move to run away.  And then I saw a beautiful big buck come trotting down out of the trees and it all became clear, we had interrupted their 'date'!  The doe wandered off into a copse of trees and the buck followed and we moved on to give them some privacy LOL!  Hopefully we will get to meet a wee fawn or two come spring.

I did try to get a picture of the buck but he was moving pretty quickly and my picture came out all blurry (he had other things on his mind besides posing for the camera!) but here's the evidence he was there.

The first snowfall is so magical, isn't it?  And it always brings to mind that very soon the most wonderful time of the year will be upon us.

It's time to get your jingle on!  Have a wonderful day everyone!

Deb xo


  1. That sure is pretty. I like snow a whole lot better when I can look at it in pictures. Love the picture of the doe and is that Santa and his sleigh I see in that last picture :)
    The forecast here is for snow this weekend and they are calling for up to a foot. I'm not ready for this

  2. LOVE your pictures Deb! Expecially the doe against the white wonderland. That's calendar and poster worthy for sure! Looking at your cold outside and being inside all warm is a very cozy, calm, peaceful feeling. Thanks for the beautiful views!


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