Sunday, May 12, 2019


Hi everyone, sorry to be absent without leave but we are enjoying some amazing summer like weather so I've been out in the garden and nowhere near my studio or the computer!  Our hummingbirds are enjoying the warm weather too, all flocking to the feeders like this little Caliope male.

And here's a short little video of him as he hovers and dips in for a drink, they truly are amazing little birds!

Our beloved Delinquent has been enjoying the warm weather as well, she has taken a sudden intense interest in the sprinkler which is surprising because this dog does not like water!

The only problem is that she now has decided that she's the one who will determine what gets watered, she's taken to picking up the hose and sprinkler and packing if off into the trees!

She's chewed through one hose so far, we have new connectors so we can repair it but our hoses are progressively getting shorter and shorter LOL!

We have a couple of more lovely summer like days before the rain sets in so I'll be out in the garden till then and will be back with a project or two shortly after that (she's say hopefully!).  I am woefully behind on my #the100dayproject art journaling pages so have lots of catching up to do but the sunshine and beautiful spring weather are calling to me so see you later!

Deb xo

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