Friday, July 19, 2019

Mixed Media Envelope Folio Journal Insert

Hi again everyone, I've got another altered envelope journal insert to share with you today (click here to see the one I made for TheFireflyStudio67's Five On A Dime YouTube challenge).  I don't know why but I love mucking about with envelopes to see what can be created with them!

This envelope folio arose from my usual bull in a china shop method of crafting, I die cut the window for TheFireflySudio67's altered envelope insert in the wrong spot on my first try (slow down and watch the video Deb!!) but didn't want to 'waste' the envelope so turned it into this mixed media folio.  I used up all kinds of bits and bobs in my craft stash; stenciled and printed papers, gel plate prints, die cuts and images that had been hanging around in my saved bits forever.  I used a #10 envelope and 2 #8's and ended up with 4 journaling tag tuck spots.

The #8 envelope on the front flips open to the left, I attached it with a cardstock hinge to the #10 envelope.

The #10 envelope was configured in the same way as for TheFireflyStudio67's envelope insert (click here to see her tutorial) and I used a piece of faux glassine (technique courtesy of Nik The Booksmith) in the die cut window opening.

The #10 envelope flips up to reveal a third little tag tuck spot with the second #8 envelope below it

The second #8 envelope was attached to the folio with the #10 envelope flap (see TheFireflyStudio67's tutorial to see what I mean).

And here's the back of the folio, I adore that packing tape stencil transfer that is on the envelope flap (the dark green pattern), it's a technique that I learned in Mary Beth Shaw's Nothing To Hide workshop at Art Is Magic's Creative Retreat Weekend (sorry I can't share the technique as it is currently being taught by Mary Beth).

No idea where I'm going to use this envelope folio, it may just be a stand alone journal folio or I may build a junk journal around it and use it as an insert (bass ackward as usual!).  But where ever it ends up, I love how eclectic it is; abstract and vintage together with lots of bright colours makes me very happy these days!

Thanks as always for stopping by today and whatever creative endeavours you are up to, hope you are having a wonderful time!

Deb xo


  1. Deb, both of your envelope journaling creations are such fun and look awesome. Love all the mixed media bits. I just put a bunch of envelopes in the Goodwill box. Maybe I should be pulling those back out! My problem is that I don’t journal that way, so although I love these journal techniques, I wouldn’t use them,. So I don’t make them. Your little fabric book looks like its pretty awesome cool cute too.

  2. What a great little wallet journal - I love all the flaps and folds of the construction, and you're always going to win me over with a nature theme!
    Alison x


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