Saturday, August 31, 2019

Still Journaling - Days 74 To 89 of The 100 Day Project

Hi everyone, even though #the100dayproject ended weeks ago, I'm still carrying on with my personal #100daysofartjournaling project and have now completed days 74 through 89.  I blogged about my previous 73 art journaling projects in these posts if you are interested:

And if you are still around after looking at all of that here are days 74 to 89!

Day 74

A fun Viva Las Vegas stamp and some of Tim Holtz's Mini Movers & Shapers Retro Packages dies, this is another page for my Carolyn Dube corrugated cardboard art journal.


Got totally stuck on this cardboard art journaling page and ended up Googling synonyms for the words 'two' and 'pair' to fill it up LOL!

Day 76

Lots of Sizzix Birds dies cut from some of Carolyn Dube's Sparks of Art-spiration print outs.

Day 77

Tim Holtz Flower Garden stamps and die cuts, think the stenciled background was from StencilGirl Products.

Day 78

Final page in my Carolyn Dube Permission To Play corrugated cardboard art journal, had so much fun with this project.  Totally outside my comfort zone but so glad that I did it, thanks Carolyn!

Day 79

Participated in Art Is Magic's Creative Retreat Weekend and made this journal page inspired by Jenny Grant's 'The Path Is The Goal' lesson.

Day 80

Just playing, I can see lots of influence from Jenny Grant's class on this page too.

Day 81

Took another Creative Retreat Weekend course from Mary Beth Shaw called 'Nothing To Hide" and used one of the stenciling techniques she taught us on this page, LOVE!

Day 82

Also participated in Mixed Up Creative's Wellspring 2019 workshop this summer and this journal page was inspired by France Papillon's '3 Second Rule' lesson.

Day 83

Was desperately in need of a Tim Holtz fix so used his Collage Papers, stamps, die cuts and Clippings Stickers on this page :O)

Day 84

Another intuitive art journal page inspired by Jenny Grant's Creative Weekend Retreat course, there be whales!

Day 85

Another Wellspring 2019 art journal page, this one inspired by Riikka Kovasin's 'Hidden Messages' lesson.

Day 86

And now for something completely different!  Found this #fiveonadime challenge on YouTube and made a little junk journal insert from a windowed envelope, paper doily, safety pin, button and lace.

Day 87

Variations on a theme, made another junk journal windowed envelope insert but this one also has a couple of extra envelopes added that are hinges and flip open, fun!

Day 88

Was cleaning my studio and looking for inspiration for some upcoming DT projects when I came across a pile of ATC's and ATCoins, so of course I had to stop and make a little V-pocket journal to hold them all!!

Day 89

Another junk journal insert, this one inspired by the August #fiveonadimechallenge on YouTube, love how it turned out!

So that's it for now, down to 11 more projects to complete #the100daychallenge and I'm getting close, only one or two more to go and then I'll be back to show you the finale!  Thanks as always for stopping by today and happy creating,

Deb xo

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