Saturday, May 30, 2020

A Stroll Through The Garden

Hello everyone, it's a thunder-stormy day here today and since it's a tad damp to be outside I decided to edit some of the pictures I took yesterday as I wandered about our garden.  We live at quite a high elevation here in the Thompson Okanogan region of B.C. so our trees and flowers are blooming a few weeks behind everyone else who lives down in the valleys which just means that we get to enjoy the profusion of blooms for weeks at a time as we travel to and from town on our infrequent shopping trips.

One of my favourite spring blossoms is our Flowering Almond bush, the blooms only last a short period of time but are so incredibly delicate and beautiful.

Flowering Almond Blossom

As the petals fall to the ground, the grass beneath the bush looks like it's been hit with a pink snowstorm!

The fruit trees are now coming into full bloom, this blossom is from a little gnarled and ancient apple tree that was here when we bought our home 20 years ago.  The apples aren't all that tasty but the blossoms certainly are!

Apple Blossoms

And here are the blossoms from our sour cherry tree, can hardly wait to reap it's bounty in a few months time, sour cherry pie is the best!

Cherry Blossoms

The ornamental crab apple tree is just bursting with blooms this year, I adore the colour of the blossoms and also the colours of those beautiful variegated leaves.

Crab Apple Blossoms

And last but certainly not least, the fuchsia in the hanging basket by the front door is just starting to open, gorgeous don't you think?  They always remind me of petticoats!

Fuchsia Bloom

Soon the columbine, irises and peonies will be in full bloom along with the day lilies and tiger lilies, how I love this time of year!

Hope that you've enjoyed this little tour around my garden and that you are able to get out and enjoy your gardens where ever you may be.  Thanks as always for stopping by,

Deb xo

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  1. Oh wow - stunning photos, Deb. Thanks so much for sharing all the beauty.
    Alison x


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