Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Curiosity Art Journal Page For #the100dayproject

Hello everyone, I have an art journal page to share with you today that I created for Day 1 of #the100dayproject.

If you haven't heard of the 100 Day Project, it's an online challenge (now in it's sixth year apparently) that challenges the participants to explore their creativity everyday for 100 days. I've certainly seen the hashtags in the past but have never participated so decided to take the plunge this year.

I am going to create an art journal page each day for 100 days (she says hopefully) to try and fill up the myriad of handmade art journals that I keep making and then never use!  (I was doing a wee clean of my craft room the other day and found a stash of about 10 art journals of varying shapes and sizes that I'd squirreled away 😲).  This first page was made in my Create Art journal I made for the release of Eileen Hull's Scoreboards XL Journal die back in 2017, it has had some use but not as much as it should!

I recently (and probably very belatedly) discovered Roben-Marie Smith on YouTube and her suggestion to use some of your own artwork in your art journaling (either the original or a photocopy) really resonated with me ... why had I not thought to do that before?!  So this page started with some torn and collaged pieces of my own art that I printed out on the computer and although you really can't see any of it anymore I love that it was the foundation for this piece.  I also discovered that I use at WHOLE LOT of green and blue in my work (most of the images I loved the most and printed out to use were predominately green and blue!) so I went to the opposite side of the colour wheel and used magenta and purples on this page.

Tim Holtz's Perspective butterfly was coloured with Dina Wakley's Scribble Sticks, spritzed with water and stamped onto the background .... love!  I also just recently purchased some Liquitex Acrylic Ink and used them with my dip pen to outline and do some asemic writing.

I used a variety of StencilGirl Products stencils and after multiple layers I kept seeing flowers (think the butterfly may have influenced that!) so I outlined them with a Derwent Sketching Medium Wash pencil and more Scribble Sticks, both activated with my water brush.

The 'curiosity' sentiment from the Perspective stamp set seemed an appropriate sentiment for this first art journal page in #the100dayproject, so I stamped it onto deli paper that had a third generation stamp of the Scribble Stick coloured Perspective butterfly on it, adhered it with matte medium and outlined it with Posca pens and more Liquitex Acrylic Ink.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing my journal page and that you will consider joining in #the100dayproject, it does seem a little daunting at first glance but I'm looking forward to making art everyday ... whether I feel like it or not!  Some pages will definitely not be share worthy but that's all part of the process I feel, I know I've always learned more from my failures than my successes so here's to 100 days of creativity!  Have a great rest of the week and happy creating,

Deb xo


  1. Love that idea of using your own art work in your journal pages and this one is fabulous, so full of colour, pattern and detail. A great way to get going on those stashed journals xxx

  2. What a glorious page, Deb - a fabulous trip to the other side of the colour wheel! The scribbly flowers and the scribbly butterfly work so well together. I love the idea of the 100 day commitment as a way to use some of those myriad journals you have lying around (me too!)... I wonder whether I ought to try too!
    Alison x


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