Tuesday, July 2, 2019

The 100 Day Project - Days 62 To 73

Hello, hello, back with another installment of my #100daysofartjournaling for #the100dayproject.  I am seriously behind and will not get all of them done in the 'proscribed' time what with family and design team commitments but I intend to soldier on and get them all done in my own time frame.  If you missed the first 61 days (!), here are the links to my posts:

I've continued to work on my Carolyn Dube Permission To Play corrugated cardboard art journal for all of these posts and I'm having a blast working in it, not my usual style but so much fun!  So without further ado, here are days 62 to 73, enjoy!

Day 62

Explore art journal page for day 62, think this is going to become the cover to my Permission To Play art journal.  Love that fun stamp from Viva Las Vegas! stamps :)

Day 63

Not sure why this page works but somehow it does!  Love the juxtaposition of the abstract background with the vintage images from Ephemera's Vintage Garden

Day 64

A page for best friends or sisters :)  Love those stamps from Dina Wakley, I remember reading somewhere that they were created from childhood photographs of Dina and Dyan Reaveley.  Used Tim Holtz's Crochet die to separate the two halves of the page, it is so intricate!

Day 65

The page started with the pocket watch stamp then I added the feather from Tim Holtz's Bird Feather stamp set, his Weathered Clock die embossed with Hammered Metal embossing powder from Emerald Creek Craft Supplies and the wings on the pocket watch were from a winged heart stamp in my stash.  Think I spy a Dapper stamp in there too!

Day 66

Going Round In Circles, stamp from Aall & Create and Seth Apter Coffee Rings die cuts.

Day 67

Had that little boho bird stamped at the top of the page so added the other elements (a Mixed Up Printables digital flower, Ephemera's Vintage Garden butterfly, Mixed Up Printables seed packet and Tim Holtz Wildflower Stems die cut) stacked on top of each other so it looked like he was perched there.  Rise Up sentiment compiled from hoarded saved die cut alphas in my stash ;O)

Day 68

Stamped the flower (an old wood block stamp from my stash) onto a piece of Carolyn Dube's Sparks Of Inspiration digital paper then stenciled with Tim Holtz's Typo stencil and a punch of scribble journaling.

Day 69

A whole bunch of silliness here but I love it!  Had the 'ticket' already stamped on the bottom and somehow that led me to circuses and that fab sentiment stamp from Tim Holtz's Life Quotes stamp set.  The elephant and ringmaster are from his Big Top stamp set.  Too much fun!

Day 70

Had to get out a whole lot of angst on this page, so sick and tired of all the hatred, racism, misogyny and ignorance spewing out of the mouths of politicians these days.  We are all connected people, to each other and to every single living thing on this planet.

Day 71

This started with that number 5 which got me thinking about that dumb movie 'Ten' which led me to contemplating about how we all measure ourselves against unattainable societal archetypes and the rest, as they say, is history.  Love that quote from Teddy Roosevelt, a wise man!

Day 72

In the interests of full disclosure I have to admit that the original background on this page was an unmitigated disaster so I gessoed over the whole dang thing!  What was left was ghostly white circular shapes from some stenciling underneath that reminded me of a full moon and away I went!  Think I first saw this moon technique from Astrid MacLean, Distress inks in shades of yellow on a circular die cut and then stenciling with Tim Holtz's Speckles stencil.  Works a treat, thanks Astrid!

Day 73

Lots of colour on this one so I had to tone it down for the sake my of eyeballs with some Wildflowers silhouette die cuts.  Still one of my all time favourite Tim dies!  Think I spy some Papillon stamping in the background and pretty sure that was a StencilGirl Products stencil.

So that's it for now, nearly 3/4's of the way finished for #the100dayproject and I have about 5 more pages to complete in my Permission To Play cardboard art journal to finish it off.  Will then bind it and will try and film a flip through video for you. think it is going to look great once completed :O)  Thanks as always for stopping by today and happy creating!

Deb xo

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  1. Love your project Deb! First, I’ll admit that I didn’t read everything. But I’ve been through all your days of art and I did land on your comment that it is YOUR challenge so you can do whatever you want! Bwahahaha...that would be me too for sure. I wish I could join one of these daily challenges, but I’d probably be out of it by day 3. I couldn’t even get through a monthly challenge for 1 year! Sad. Your daily pieces look awesome and are so inspiring.


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