Sunday, October 27, 2019

StencilGirl One Stencil Three Ways Collaboration

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by.  I'm participating in the StencilGirl One Stencil, Three Ways collaboration hosted by Tina Walker (A Dogs Life).  The challenge was to use one StencilGirlProducts stencil in three different projects: an art journal page, a home decor piece and in one other project of our own choosing.  Make sure to pop by StencilGirl Talk to see what everyone made, amazing creations one and all!

I decided to use Tina's Cathedral Arch stencil from StencilGirl Products as the predominant stencil on all of my projects; an art  journal page, a pop art style home decor plaque and a junk journal cover.

Secret Art Journal Page

I don't have any step outs on this page as I was winging it and didn't really have a clue where it was going when I started!  Background was stenciled with multiple StencilGirl Products stencils (Circular Patterns For Play, Union Small and Doodle It Bigger) in blue and green acrylics.

I then stenciled the word secret from the Inside Out stencil in white overlaid with DecoArt Media Interference Gold and stenciled the Cathedral Arch stencil in black on top, wiping back the paint when it was partly dry over the secret word.

Rays were drawn in over top the Cathedral Arch with a white paint pen and coloured with yellow and orange translucent acrylic paints, then masked off and stamped with a fine script stamp. The edge of the page was inked with black permanent ink and then foiled with Bronze Deco Foil and some ascemic writing in white finished it off.

Pop Art Home Decor Plaque

This plaque started off as a much larger piece that was going to use both stenciled images and mono-prints of the Cathedral Arch stencil.

But as I played with the prints I wondered what it would look like if I combined both the stenciled image and the monoprint together to form one image?  So I cut one of the stenciled pieces and one of the monoprinted pieces into four equal parts and pieced them back together, alternating the stencil and the monoprint.  A background was made from some unloved scrapbook paper that I gessoed, inked and then randomly stenciled with multiple StencilGirl Products stencils (Union Small,Rembrandt's Words Small, Doodle It Bigger, Carved Moon Phases and Vintage Script).

The background was mounted onto a piece of sanded Rose Gold Metallic Kraft Stock and the Cathedral Arch segments popped up on foam squares on the background with a slight reveal between them.

Art Awaits Junk Journal Cover

For my third project I made a junk journal cover that incorporated gel plate prints with the Cathedral Arch stencil on both the front and the back covers.

I made a gel plate print with homemade mark making tools (lids, texture making tools and scrapers) and then embossed the Cathedral Arch stencil on top with Emerald Creek Craft Supplies Charred Gold embossing powder.  Another gel plate print was then overlaid with a piece of tissue paper that I'd been using to lift off colour from my gel plate through the Cathedral Arch stencil.

The prints were then adhered onto piece of corrugated cardstock for the covers of my junk journal.

And more gel plate prints from the same session were adhered onto the backs of the covers (I spy the Circular Patterns For Play stencil on these prints!).

A spine was added to join the covers (more gel plate prints);

And a signature created from gel plate prints and mixed media paper.

Some packing tape strips that I'd used to clean off my gel plate were foiled with Amber Watercolor Deco Foil (just stick it to the sticky side of the tape and burnish like crazy!) and then sealed with gloss varnish to cover any remaining sticky areas.

Wildflower Stems 2 die cuts were cut from the foiled packing tape and adhered on the inside of the journal covers.

The 'art awaits' sentiment was die cut from gold Metallic Kraft Stock with the Traveler Words, Thin dies and added to the front cover, eyelets were set in the front and back covers for a closure with a piece of gold fiber and another piece of gold fiber was used to tie the signature in place.

Hope that you've enjoyed seeing how I used my one stencil in three different ways, I had a lot of fun with this challenge and want to thank Tina Walker and StencilGirl Products for including me.  Make sure to pop by the StencilGirl Talk blog to see what everyone else made and as always, happy creating!

Deb xo


  1. They all look great! I can’t decide which is my favorite though­čść this was a really fun project

  2. Stunning! And such variety from one stencil! Great projects! Thank you for joining in the fun!


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